My Brother Is A Klingon

I am very lucky to have a brother that is not legally related to me in anyway. I say lucky because I know he CHOSE to love me rather than have society dictate that he does. As my hubby and I are rewatching Star Trek New Generation I have come to the realization that my brother is actually a Klingon. More specifically he is Worf.

I kid you not – they have the same facial expressions! LOL

If you are not a Trekkie and you just Googled Worf you might think I was insulting my brother. Quite the contrary, I love my curmudgeon-esque brother! If you are a Trekkie you know that Klingons tend to be short tempered and really like Blood Wine. They would rather act than think and tend to be abrupt.

Worf was unique in that he was a Starfleet Officer. Even though he is full blooded Klingon he was raised by a human family after his colony was attacked. At age 5 he was fostered by the Federation officer who found him. He grew up with a human brother on a small farm so he learned to balance his Klingon personality with his learned human ones. Have I lost you yet? LOL

They even have the same sense of human – so dry yet clever!

When people first meet my brother they might think he is grumpy and not even give him a fair shake. If you are patient you will discover how kind, loyal and generous he really is. He befriended me after I had my heart broken after a failed 7 year relationship with some idiot. On top of that I had inadvertently moved in with a woman who was going through a lot of problems and she was kind of scary.

I was stuck between a rock and a hard place and this man who was then a stranger saw what was happening and offered me a safe haven. We soon became fast friends and ate too much cheap Mexican, watched a lot of Mystery Science Theater 3000 while eating Digiorno pizzas and listened to some kick ass metal music. I was able to avoid my slightly psycho housemate and forget about the years I wasted on some man that was not even close to my match.

I accepted him just the way he was – rough around the edges but with a heart of gold. And he accepted me just the way I was. He had been used and abused by his last girl friend so we were a mess together. But he was very respectful about my boundaries and truly understood what being friends meant. I know a lot of people do not believe males and females can have platonic relationships but we did. Then it grew into sibling love and we have been together for over 25 years! I’ve known him longer than my husband! (BY THE WAY they are great friends.)

My brother is like Worf in that he has the very fiery quick to anger personality and the fierce loyalty of people he cares about. I absolutely believe he would pummel someone if he thought he was saving me. Yet, when I bring logic to his face, he is quick to cool albeit unwilling to say he was WRONG. =) He is generous to a fault. If he has something you need or it is within his power to get you something he gladly does it. Because of this many women have taken advantage of him.

He gets road rage. I remember the first time I witnessed it. It was a scary sight. Someone nearly sideswiped us and he let out a litany of curse words that made even this daughter of a soldier and a Korean waitress blush. He banged on the steering wheel and wished a very painful death upon the driver of the other car. Then, like a summer storm, it passed and he looked over at me with a brilliant smile and said, “Hungry? Shall we go get some Mexican?” No he is not crazy- he is just who he is.

When he rages he even sounds Klingon! LOL

Anyone who takes the time to really get to know him understands he would never hurt anyone that was innocent. He has been a constant in my life. He was even my Man of Honor in my wedding. He is a fantastic father to his two sons who are spoiled more than they will ever understand. They have no wants or needs. He has never raised a hang to them. He works hard so they can live in a modern home and eat whatever they want. I know he would protect them with his life and I hope someday they will figure out how lucky they are.

When my husband and I watch Star Trek during lunch and Worf does something, I often giggle and say, “HE is so Worf!” I love the character and I love my brother even more for being unashamedly genuine. I have learned that is the way everyone should be. Don’t pretend to be someone else. Let people love you for who you are or let them just miss out.

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