My favorite pun

Bridgette wrote about puns the other day. I also love puns – probably one of the reasons we get along. But Bridgette is very good at coming up with puns quickly, to fit the moment. I’m not as good at that. So here’s the story of my favorite pun that she came up with.

Once upon a time, Bridgette had a lovely roommate, K. She lived near Charlotte, and was engaged to a lovely guy down there, so she went home to see him almost every weekend. She was also on a Teaching Fellows scholarship, so she didn’t work in Boone, but she worked at KFC back at home during the summer, and she would sometimes work on the weekends.

One time she came back home, wearing shorts even though it was wintertime. She had this incredibly huge bruise on her leg – we’re talking at least 12″ tall, by 8″ wide. K was a tiny girl, so this bruise covered almost all of her thigh. It was so deep that wearing pants was painful, thus the shorts.

I’m thinking something like this, only filled with delicious KFC slaw.

She told us while she was working at KFC that weekend, she was pulling a tub of slaw out of the refrigerator, and it slipped out of her hands and landed on her leg.

And without missing a beat, Bridgette says “Oh, so you got slaw-tered?”

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