Crafty Is The New Sexy

Twenty Five years ago if you were to tell me that I would enjoy crafting I would have slapped you silly. I was always artistic but I have to say that I always thought crafting was for kindergarteners and old ladies in rest homes. We can be so stupid in our youth, right? Now, I’m 53 and crafting with paper and making cards is so enjoyable. I can be artistic without having to devote weeks to a project.

I was invited to a Stampin’ Up demonstration and at first I did not really see the appeal. I mean, you are not even drawing or painting! But I nodded along and made my simple cards and paid my dollars and went home with some random items I had won in a “raffle”. I did not really think about it again until another friend invited me to a different class. Tracy was a different kind of teacher – she STRIVED to find challenging cards and teach her students different techniques. We did stuff with shaving cream, embossing powder, raised foam tape, die cuts, water color and so much more. I was throughly impressed.

Tracy Edick Stampin’ Up Demonstrator

Thanks to her, now I can make about any card I set my mind to. I still enjoy attending her classes although I have not been able to go in over a year because of the pandemic. She will make me at home kits when I request them though. She is such a rockstar! So, card making can be very elementary or challenging depending on what you are after.

It has been raining A LOT in my area so I have been making cards often. Here are some that I made recently. They are nothing earth shattering – I stuck to simple cards to pass the time. I try not to make any two cards exactly the same.

I really enjoy making cards for individual people and even when I make a lot of cards at once I usually have someone in mind for each of them. People have asked me to sell cards and I really do not want to as it takes away from the personal feeling to me.

I recently purchased a wine bottle cutter out of curiosity. I love wine and I have a lot of wine drinking friends so I have asked them to save their wine bottles for me. I want to make sculptures and maybe a few lighting fixtures. It’s a cheap hobby so why not? I think the pandemic has really brought out a lot of creativity in people as they stay home more often. Maybe that is a good thing.

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3 thoughts on “Crafty Is The New Sexy

  1. I love your beautiful cards. However, now I do feel kinda lame when I send a store bought card. Especially to you. Fortunately the lame feeling doesn’t last long.

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  2. Never feel lame! I am honored when I receive an email, text or card from you no matter where it came from. I know how busy you are and that you thought of me makes me feel happy.


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