Meat is a dirty word in some circles and a welcome addition to some tables and I’m somewhere right round in the middle – ish. South Korean food has such a variety, I never really was focused on anything in particular. I would say I had more seafood than anything because I grew up on the coast. My maternal grandmother was Buddhist so I have tried every herb, wild edible weed and vegetable that could be grown on our tiny peninsula. I like meat but I do not have to have it.

While trying to shed some unwanted pounds all the while fighting with my menopause hormone fluctuation, I have been advised to eat more protein and I am doing so. I have added a lot more seafood to my meals which I immensely enjoy. Pork is easily my second favorite meat. I am with Homer in wondering how such a magical beast exists. Vegetarians, please do not hate on me – I love vegetarian cuisine and I totally respect your choices. This is just a fun blog and not a political stance.

Yesterday I joined my brother for lunch and he was craving MEAT so we did take away from Smokey’s BBQ Shack. Their slogan is “The BBQ rocks and so do most of the tables!”. They are very unapologetic about their tacky interior and their outdoor picnic tables. They are a no frills place that serves very good barbecue. I’m also not going to get in on the barbecue fight – I like ALL barbecue, honestly. Okay, so I like Korean BBQ the best but it’s hardly the same category. LOL

If you happen to be in the area, drop by – they are yummy!

I had full intentions to just have their Brunswick Stew and fried okra. However, when I stepped in the restaurant (with mask on and social distancing) I smelled the aroma of the smoked meats and had to add wings to my order. My brother got the Oink and Cluck Platter with baked beans and fried okra. We chowed down and had a great visit. His office is empty except for him since he is the IT guy and has to make sure everything is running so other people can work from home. We get the cafe all to ourselves and we sit with a table between us. We are such nerds and safety is important to us.

Really, the Brunswick Stew is meaty enough but I was being a pig. . .

While we were eating he had a great time retelling the Ren and Stimpy MEAT SANDWICH episode. It is always fun to visit my brother at work. Yes, THAT brother – the Klingon. (You need to read that blog post if you missed it. ) I get out of the house, he gets to talk to a real human – well mostly human – and we share a meal together.

So whether you like meat or not, I hope you have someone to break bread with. There is nothing better than sharing a meal with someone you care about. A dinner table can be a unifier or a place of community whether it is with one other person or a whole group. He works WAY too hard so I like knowing I pull him out of that rut at least once every couple of weeks. I love seeing his handsome smile and I enjoy giggling about dumb things with him.

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