Spring time is SO close!

I stole this cartoon. If the owner will contact me, I’d be happy to give credit.

It’s 66 degrees today. The birds are chirping, and the daffodils have started to come up. Spring is so close – but it’s March, and I know we will still have some cold weather to suffer through.

Spring is my favorite season. Everything is coming alive, with baby flowers and baby tree leaves, and blossoms everywhere. And I get to start dreaming of my gardens, and what to plant this year.

I have raised bed gardens, and last year I added some of the gardens on legs, so I don’t have to bend over to take care of the plants. I really like them, but I had some problems getting things to grow from seed in them. Probably my dirt mixture is off. But the stuff I transplanted into them did very well.

I also have two 4×8 raised beds in my yard. It doesn’t seem like very much, but it’s enough to keep me in cucumbers and tomatoes, and squash and string beans. I love making pickles and relish, and canning tomatoes and 3 bean salad. Those two gardens produce enough to keep my family happy, and have some to give away, so they are perfect.

I love to give away my canned goods, at least to people who want them. I know a lot of people are leery of home canned items, and I can understand why. I am always careful to make sure I follow all the USDA guidelines, because I would hate for anyone to get sick eating my food!

Oh, I can’t wait for Spring!!

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3 thoughts on “Spring time is SO close!

  1. Spring is fleeting but lovely in the mountains. Spring has sprung here in Holly Springs even if the calendar does not say so. We have had daffodils out for a week, the crocus have come and gone, the birds are going crazy and even the insects are beginning to buzz.

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  2. One can grow a lot in 2 4×8 beds, especially if there’s succession planting. I made “berry boxes” last fall to extend my season, and they are enabling me to plant a bit earlier than usual, and some crops kept well in them, allowing some harvest all winter, even though our temps went to 17 below zero F. I love to can and pickle as well. I don’t give much away anymore, because people don’t return the jars and they are getting expensive! Happy growing in the coming season.


    1. I used to put on my labels “return this empty jar for a free refill.” But I had one person take that a little bit too literally, as she would return the jar every week to get a new jar of jelly. So I took that off my labels. Fortunately, most of the people I give my stuff to do bring the empty jars back to me. Now if I could just find some lids!

      What is a “berry box”? I’d love to extend my growing season! Sounds like you are in a much colder place than me – 17 below? I don’t think so. My 10-15 degree temps are cold enough!


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