Oh Canada!

Do you have a passport? I have had a passport since I was 9 years old. To me, a passport is a magical thing- it allows you to travel to foreign countries. What can be better than that? I had planned to take my family to South Korea so they could visit where I am from. Then COVID hit. . .it has ruined EVERYONE’s traveling plans. This summer we may venture to the state of Washington and go to Canada so we need passports for that too. My husband and I already have one but I realized the kids did not.

Korean passport vs US passport

So, I got online with USPS and made an appointment and was surprised there was an availability for the upcoming Monday. Huzzah! I will pop into CVS to get their photos and we are cooking with gas! When I told the daughters, they were very excited about the venture. The younger said she heard passport photos can be really bad and she hoped hers would be decent. LOL The things kids learn now!

Then they started text bombing me about what they know about Canada. SO CUTE! Here is how their texting went. . . “Canada- I’ve heard good things. Shoot I can’t imagine the stress levels of preparing for an out of country trip. Oh – and you freaked out at the beach so – Oof! I’ve heard lovely things about Canada. Good healthcare. Borders might be closed. Understandable. They’re smarter than us. I have also heard that Canadian people are usually nice. Let’s not go into stereotypes but yeah America is not that good compared to Canada. Once a classmate asked me if I was Canadian because I kept apologizing. I said no I wasn’t.” I was truly laughing out loud reading the interaction between my very innocent children about a country that they have only seen in memes and gifs.


I truly hope Canada will open their borders to us by June/July 2021 so I can have my daughters experience what Canada is really like. I have personally not been there myself. My exposure to Canada has only been having Canadian friends who shared their food, culture and history with me. (Oh, how I love poutine!) I know that was a very narrow, limited view so I am excited about seeing a part of their country in person.


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5 thoughts on “Oh Canada!

  1. Our trip to Canada is still probably my favorite trip ever. It is the only foreign country that I think I’d be willing to drive in – and the drivers there were SO much nicer than here!
    Of course, we were on the east side of Canada, whereas you are planning to hit the west side. I hope when I get to take an Alaskan cruise some day, I can check out some of the west side of Canada, as well.


  2. Wow. A Questionable Content reference! I read that webcomic for almost 10 years.

    I wish I was there to hear the kids. It sounds like they were so excited!


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