FREE Mulch!

I definitely have Spring Fever because I just spent a whole week outside putting wood chips down in the backyard. In general, I do not bother with mulching but the backyard is not usable for much and I’m tired of fighting the weeds. Hence, it was time to mulch.

Not wanting to BUY mulch I looked into other alternatives. When I lived in Apex, NC the town would bring you free mulch and the one time I used it I was not happy with the quality nor the smell. I heard the Town of Holly Springs has a similar service but I did not want to risk it. That is when my friend told me about She had 3 deliveries from them with varying degrees in quality. One was fantastic, one had a ton of sticks and leaves and one for some reason had a lot of fumes and made her whole family feel kind of sick. I had all the facts from her experience so I looked into it with wide eyes and found this cute, albeit blunt video about their services:

I knew right away this company was up my alley! Great humor!

I loved how honest they were about their services and the very best part was that the mulch was FREE. The delivery was FREE. Did I mention FREE? So you know I had to try it!

Everything they said was absolutely spot on. It was an entire truck load of wood chips – the amount depends on the size of the truck. I would guess mine was 15 cubic yards or more. You can not request a specific amount and you do not know how much you are getting. You have to be ready to accept as much as 20 cubic feet.

This was what was delivered – doesn’t look like it is that much in the driveway, right?
Here is my 5’3″ teen and a ranch house for comparison – it was a LOT of FREE chips!

This is a service for arborists to get rid of trees. You, as the recipient, get free woodchips/mulch for accepting it. Hence, you will get branches, leaves and whatever junk is caught up in the chipper. It is a small price to pay for FREE mulch. You can also ask for logs if you want some firewood. No, you do not get to pick the type of wood because. . . it is free.

It was so easy – I went online, got on the list, waited a few weeks and WHAMO there it was. They only bring you one load so if you want more you have to sign up again. You obviously need to understand how mulching works so you can use it properly. Education is not something this service provides. They just give you FREE mulch. The arborist pays Chipdrop $20 so they can dump their chips at somebody’s house and be done with it. It is a win win win for everyone. Don’t worry – Youtube has a ton of how to and informative videos on how to properly use mulch.

You never know what kind of mulch you are getting but I lucked out and my arborist happened to be getting rid of Bradford Pear trees and I got GORGEOUS wood chips. Huzzah for me! Yes, there were some sticks but I easily separated those to put on the side of the driveway for our neighborhood service to pick up. I had enough mulch to bury my weedy backyard area with MANY INCHES of mulch for FREE and some to give to my gardening friend (the same one I mentioned above) that did not want to order a whole dump truck load. So she and I transferred some of my leftovers to her house. That is another WIN because friends who share, CARE!

This is us transferring mulch via her mini van and my SUV. We managed to haul a lot in a couple of hours. Friends SHARE.

I was thoroughly impressed with ChipDrop. They did better than places I have paid a ton of money to. So, if you need FREE mulch and you are not a whiny, entitled or clueless brat, you should have success with them. Go online and see if they are active in your area. Even of they are not at the moment, sign up and wait and maybe arborists will use the service! Either way, always look for free alternatives before you spend a lot of money on any landscaping supplies. Of course for around my house and the front yard, I still need to buy landscaping rocks because I have learned the hard way wood chips around the house = termites. I wonder if there is a Happy Spring everyone!

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One thought on “FREE Mulch!

  1. Those videos were really cute.

    I was afraid the chips would be a mixed up mess of different types and quality of trees. I am happy to say 80% of the chips like they were from the same tree(s). The more heterogeneous chips ended up on the bottom of the pile. So it worked out well for us.

    Cute kid!


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