Have you ever had one of those days

when a friend gives you a flat of strawberries? (Thanks, Dana!)
I ate quite a few before I remembered to take a picture.

So you immediately decide you need chocolate covered strawberries, to sustain you whilst you clean them?

And then you need to measure how much you have left, to decide what to do with them. Mom says pie, and since Sunday is pi day, that seems like a no-brainer. And strawberry jam, of course. And there’s just enough left to try something new, so maybe a half batch of strawberry lemonade concentrate might be fun to try.

Anyway, that was my day, Thursday. And I thought, I’ll make jam and lemonade on Friday or Saturday, and pie on Sunday, and I’ll use up all these delicious berries before they go bad.

But I didn’t get around to it on Friday. And then Saturday, I got my first dose of the Covid vaccine, and then Mom wanted to go out shopping, so there was no time for playing with strawberries.

And then, Sunday. Last chance, the berries are getting pretty soft. But what the hell, if I’m making a mess to can some jam, I might as well make a big mess and do everything, and get it over with.

Did I mention my friend Scott was coming over to help me with my lawn mower, and I also had a boston butt in the sous vide to make some chopped pork BBQ for supper tonight?

I’m an idiot.

But, the strawberry jam is done, the lemonade is in the processor, and the pie – well, I’ll be starting over on the pie.

I forgot that the pie shell was in the oven.

In the end, it’s all done. We had a lovely dinner with Scott. And I have 11 jars of jam and 3 jars of strawberry lemonade concentrate. The pie was delish. So, a good day, despite myself.

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