I Miss My Daddy

For a couple of weeks now, I have been missing Daddy. I don’t think this is because anything significant happened lately. I just woke up one morning wishing he was around and missing his voice and his smile. I can’t seem to shake it so I thought I would write about it in hopes that it will help me to heal.

Daddy was a simple country man. He was born in a cabin in the Appalachia Mountains to dirt poor parents. He learned to be calm, quiet and kind from his father and he was humble. The Vietnam War plucked him from his ideal small town and threw him into a world he had never known.

In South Korea, he was trained to be a combat soldier but the officers saw he could serve them better using his brain so he was spared the horror that so many faced in the military. While serving in Korea, he met my mom and I gained a father. I was 8 when I met him and I just assumed he was my father returning from he war. I had no clue he was my step father.

From day one he treated me with kindness, respect and tenderness. He raised me as his own and he never hit me or yelled at me. He was never inappropriate. He was not perfect but he was an amazing influence in my pitiful life. The love he shared with me was so unselfish! Loving your biological child is already a gift but to love a child from another man is just over the top gracious. He never ONCE called me his stepdaughter. He only called me daughter and I loved him with all my heart.

I know this blog is supposed to be about laughing when it is hard to laugh so I will end with a funny story. Daddy was so accepting that he often forgot I was not his biological kid. When I was having trouble staying pregnant the OBGYN asked me to gather information from my relatives so we could see what was causing my miscarriages. My mother was having a hard time remembering much from her side. Daddy mailed me a concise, long list of his relatives and everything he knew about his side of the family. When I opened his letter I burst into tears and then laughter. I called him to thank him and gently reminded him that the information really would not help me. He laughed too and said he did not even think about that. He just wanted to help. That was my Daddy. See why I miss him so much?

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