Thar She Blows!

We had quite the forecast the past few days about a potentially dangerous storm heading in our vicinity. Our family prepared by putting away things in the yard that could blow around and damage the house. I did not rush out for bread, milk and eggs like so many do, but I made sure our flashlights were available and let the kids know it might get rough during the night and not to panic.

That brings me to the question, is it better to prepare or ignore weather warnings? I’m always surprised at how many people nonchalantly say that forecasters are full of crap and go about their day as if nothing is going to go wrong. I also laugh at the people who rush out to get groceries -I mean if the electricity goes out your food will spoil! It seems like you should just always have some canned/dried goods in your pantry. This is the forecast that we got:


Our relatives in the mountains of NC got some hail but other than a lot of rain it was a “non event” for us in the Triangle area. I am relieved and grateful. I am in the camp that believes being safe is better than being sorry.

Having lived in the Pamlico/New Bern area of North Carolina during one of the worst hurricane seasons taught me that we should be thankful for the weather warnings. While they are not always perfectly accurate, I would rather know that SOMETHING might happen over waking up with the house falling around around me. I survived 4 major hurricanes, a tornado that went screaming down the street next to my house and a water spout in a nearby park. The only damage I got was limbs on my roof and debris in the parking lot. I am thankful.

Funny enough the mascot at the first school I taught in were the “Hurricanes” – laugh in the face of adversity much? LOL

I remember while living in Fuquay- Varina we got a severe weather warning about a tornado which is a rare occurrence around here. My husband was at work and my daughters were little bitty things. The radio DJ urgently said “SEEK COVER NOW” so this was not a drill. The safest room in the house was a closet downstairs and it was too small for all three of us so I put the kids in their with their iPads (trying to make it fun and not scary), blankets and their kitty. I turned the couch over and shoved it across the door and sought shelter underneath it. I texted my husband to tell him to stay put and I texted my Daddy who communicated with me and told me I was doing everything right. He was always my anchor.

These are not my kids but so cute!

A huge wind came about and shook the house, and I saw trees bending. It was a scary 15 minutes. Then, like so many storms, it passed and the warning was lifted and the girls asked if they could stay in the closet because it was so much fun. Success! LOL I told them to leave the door open so Mommy could see them. I put everything back in order and later in the afternoon, I cleaned all the debris in the backyard.

My sister and I were living in New Bern in a quadraplex when a tornado was spotted. It was another one of those get in your shelters moments. She was a full grown adult, but I grabbed her and put her in the tub and covered her up with a blanket and then threw myself on top of her. Oh yeah, she was holding a pan of brownies we had just finished baking. If we were going to die, by God, we were dying with chocolate! LOL It is the first time I have ever understood tornado sounds descriptions. It truly sounded like a train chugging by. It was the closest I had ever been to a tornado. Luckily it went down a street and then jumped into the bay. Unfortunately it turned into a water spout and damaged millions of dollars of boats and yachts. It also tore our beautiful waterfront park into shreds. Because of the weather warnings, we were able to seek shelter, eat some brownies and drink wine that night.

We did not see witches, a cow or men in a boat like Dorothy from Wizard of Oz (thankfully)

So, I say again- I’m in the camp that believes it is better to be safe than sorry. I hope you are all safe today. Happy Friday!

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