Phone Scammers Are Vile

Dishonest people have a special place in my heart – the black, resentful part. I think scammers are the most despicable of all dishonest people. They deserve a special place in hell for taking advantage of vulnerable people like the elderly. A few years ago, my sweet father was scammed $500 by a man who was pretending to be with Quickbooks. Ever since then I have especially hated phone scammers.

I recently happened upon a very funny, satisfying channel on Youtube called Scammer Payback. This man is BRILLIANT. He trolls scammers and gives them a taste of their own medicine. If you like revenge, have a look yourself. You are welcome!

He is now my new fantasy man!

Financial fraud is a form of elder abuse. I don’t like any forms of elder abuse but these phone scammers especially boil my blood. They are illegally using vulnerable people’s money and it is abhorrent behavior! Scammers target isolated, lonely people who may have just lost their spouse. They pose as trustworthy people and compliment them and work from a script calling them Granny or Auntie or whatever to gain their trust. How vile!

My elderly aunt in Ohio was scammed TWICE by casanovas who acted like they were her boyfriends and took thousands of dollars from her. It breaks my heart that she died soon after in an assisted living facility after such heartbreaking scenarios. She was so humiliated that she did not even want to meet me when there was ample proof I was one of her brother’s long lost daughters. I can’t blame her. I wouldn’t trust any body either.

I personally never answer calls on my cell phone if I do not recognize a number. Once in awhile though I have to answer because I see my area code pop up and I worry it is a new doctor in trying to reach me. As soon as I hear the, “Hello, this is . . . ” and realize it is not anyone real, I hang up. But the elderly have much better manners and they tend to listen first and try to politely break the conversation. That is what the scammers depend on. In a few minutes, these evil professional thieves ensnare a sweet Auntie or Grandparent claiming to be with Social Security, the local Police and if they are especially rotten they might even pretend to be a grandchild who is in financial ruin. Ugh – they are so gross!

If you were scammed or know someone that has been scammed, contact Adult Protective Services and report them!

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