My Nerdlette and My Geekling

Parenthood – it is full of love, joy, sticky kisses and heart stopping fear. I have been very lucky to give birth to two intelligent, kind women. Yes, they are women now. They are 11 and 15 but they are physically women which comes with some fun times. LOL In their brain of course they are children and still need guidance and growth. I am doubly lucky in that both are academic phenoms and are interested in STEAM.

The 11 year old is a natural at the computer and already talks about going into Engineering. I did not push her that way but did make sure she was exposed to STEAM from an early age. She took to it like ducks to water. She has been to several robotic classes via her school, Girl Scouts and personally. When virtual schooling began due to the COVID pandemic, she transitioned beautifully and moves from one screen to another without a hitch. Watching her is like watching my husband. She is his geekling for sure!

The 15 year old has had mastery of the written word as early as age 3 and a half. Her private kindergarten teacher thought I was being overly proud when said she had been reading for a couple of years. Without telling me she “tested” my daughter and I promptly got a lengthy email saying how impressed she was and now she would have to change the curriculum for my daughter because NONE of the books she had was on her level. We both decided that the best action was to check out books from the public library. When she entered first grade with the local public school that teacher saw her potential and ran with it. She was the top student in all things related to literature. She is my lovely nerdlette.

What has been interesting is seeing their interests grow and change over the years. I was surprised with the 15 year old wanted to join a FIRST Robotics team last year. She never was interested in Lego League or anything else in the past and then BOOM she gets right in there and does a fantastic job. She belonged to the Girl Scout team – Gadget Girls/Holographic. Since her new high school has a robotics team – ROBODOGS – she decided to join them for convenience. She is going a bang up job and I could not be prouder. Look at this photo I snuck while she was not looking:


The 11 year old Geekling who is constantly on her computer programming, creating on Skindex, talking on Discord, playing on every video game platform imaginable decides she enjoys drawing. Her art is amazing! She enjoys creating characters and mixing elements from one genre with another. She also loves writing fiction. So how lucky am I that my polar opposite girls also like each other’s interests? Winner winner chicken dinner!

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