My sweet husband brought home a dozen Krispy Kremes yesterday. There goes my eating plan. LOL What is is about doughnuts that make me jump off the bandwagon EVERY single time? Those delicious fried round pieces of dough. . .mmmmmm. I can’t even blame the US obsession with sweets on that one as I cut my tooth on Korean twisted doughnuts as a kid.

Kkwabaegi – or the twisted doughnut was a favorite after school treat for me. On my way home I would see a vendor and I always had some money saved for her. She would drop that dough into the hot oil and hand it to me while it was kill you hot after she would shake it in a bag of days old sugar. I would tear into to it and the steam would pour out and I’m not sure how I did not get burned but boy it was good. I’m not sure why it was important that it was a twist but I swear it is different if you cook it without the twist.

My second favorite doughnut was the Chapssal Doughnut. What made this different was that chewy texture of the rice flour. Instead of filling these doughnuts with creme or something overly sweet, the Koreans use red bean filling. These are way more filling so I could have one for breakfast with barley tea sometimes.

When I ate my first doughnut in the United States it was a Dunkin Doughnut. I have a pet peeve. I HATE spelling doughnut as DONUT. America – why are you so lazy that you have to drop 3 letter? It looks like Do NOT – and the DOUGH is what a doughnut is all about, man! Sigh. Anyway, the only cake doughnut I ever had was from the military base cafeteria and it was like molded sand with some oily sauce on top that was supposedly chocolate and I thought it was horrible. So when someone gave me my first DD I was hesitant. DD ones are more like cake so I found them very heavy. Today, the only DD I like is their glazed blueberry. It is like eating a handheld blueberry pancake and me likes!

DD Blueberry Glazed – mmmm

I can’t remember the very first time I had a Krispy Kreme doughnut but I want to say it was with JoAnne. She is a self proclaimed KK slut and she is proud of it. I know for a fact she was the first one to have me try a HOT DOUGHNUTS NOW from KK. OH.MY.GOD. KK doughnuts are insanely sweet. That sugar waterfall each doughnut gets is too much. HOWEVER, if I am ready for the insane sweetness with a cup of coffee (back when I could drink it) or hot tea then I can eat two of those and love them. Thirty minutes later my stomach will balloon up and I am pissed I ate them but the minutes before were glorious.

This sign makes me put on the car brakes EVERY time!

I know everyone has their favorite doughnuts and can argue for either or. You go right ahead. I think there is enough room for ALL doughnuts. I can even eat a few Entenmann’s doughnuts out of a box when push comes to shove. I really like their chocolate covered cake doughnuts with a cup of hot tea now and then. I don’t know if it is nostalgia or what, but every time I see a HOT DOUGHNUTS sign I miss JoAnne. Sigh. Stupid COVID. Stupid geography. STUPID adulting. I think I’ll make myself feel better by eating a KK doughnut (or two) after zapping them in the microwave for exactly 10 seconds. MMMMmm hot doughnuts right now. . .droool. Can’t. Type. Any.More. nom nom nom.

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3 thoughts on “Doughnuts

  1. Doughnuts are a love and a weakness of mine! I usually have one every night with coffee, it helps me sleep and is a reward for my day of work and adulting!! I prefer doughnuts with substance, usually cake type, while JoAnne prefers the airy type, especially Hot Now. Doughnuts are one of our simple pleasures!!!


  2. KK doughnuts are hands down the best and a serioUs weakness.
    They make me miss JoAnne too. Shit, about everything does.
    I stock up on them when in Boone. I have to be careful though about bringing them into the house. Mom has little resistance to sweets.
    The nearest one to me is in Wills-Barre, PA. So I always stop there on any drive to and from Boone. Because I never get any up here in the Green Mountains, I usually travel home with 3 dozen as I head back to VT. Every time, without fail, airport security says that they will have to confiscate these! As they smile, I offer them one!

    There used to be a KK in Albany, NY, less than 2 hours away and I would always schedule anything there if possible as an excuse to go. They shut down during the whole trans fat oil thing with folks shoving health down everyone’s throat as if we all needed to be policed by strangers on what we ate. But people can still buy cigarettes. Ugh.

    They put in a Starbucks where it was. Gag.

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  3. When I see a HOT DOUGHNUTS now sign I have a pavlovian response and it takes every ounce of strength not to get some. I was so happy with a KK opened up in FV but it was a fake one. They don’t make the doughnuts there – they just reheat them. WHAT???? SACRILEGE!


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