Cautious But Not Afraid

So the AsianHate out there is real and it is very ugly. I live in a smaller town so other than people jumping on the bandwagon, I have not seen any horrific incidences. I have been asked by family and friends if I am am afraid or worried. My answer is always that I am not afraid because I truly am not. . .but I am cautious. My Daddy did not raise a fool so I do know to keep my wits about me.

I have a lot of T shirts with cute Asian motif. I have one that says “Warning May Contain Kimchi” – I LOVE that one LOL Others say “Half Korean is better than No Korean” “BTS Army” and various Asian food/sauces/etc. I love wearing them proudly and they are a part of my character. Lately though I find myself NOT wanting to draw attention to my Asian identity and that has me feeling darker feelings.

Damn those haters for making me second guess myself! Yes, you are right – it could be a middle finger to the haters by wearing them but I have two kids. Is it worth my political stance to become a target and then cause my family strife? I don’t think so. Sigh. So, I wear those shirts when I know I will not be going out in public. This may seem silly to you, but this is what happens when people of any group is targeted.

If I was single, hell yeah, I would be out there too, waving flags, signs and yelling into a bullhorn. I really would. With kids it makes me think twice, three times – I am not hiding and I do not teach my kids fear but I also let them know that they need to understand the consequences of putting yourself out there. So for now, I’m writing my representatives, schools and anywhere else. I am using the power of my words and contributing in a way that is hopefully safer. Am I a pansy?

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