Can I just confess how much I LOVE this entertainer? If you have never experienced his hilarious antics and his parody songs get on YOUTUBE right now and get acquainted because you will NOT be sorry. He popped into my brain because I needed a funny gif to express my frustration and I thought of the character in the UHF movie who yells “STUPID, SO STUPID!”. THAT took me down the rabbit hole of reminiscing about my love of all things Weird Al.

Other kids looked up to basketball players, superstars, models and the like for inspiration. I connected with a very hairy, mustached nerd who “dared to be stupid”:

He is sexy and he knows it!

Yes, that is the man that made me belly laugh and made me feel whole during my teen age angst filled years. He was unapologetically himself and you could feel the self love emanating from every song and appearance he did. I don’t know, maybe in private he was not like this at all, but his public persona gave me permission to wear mismatched clothing (mostly because I could not afford whole outfits), not worry about my hair, wear my overly large glasses bought from the cheap section and have a strange sense of humor. Add to that his catchy, fun, song parodies and you can see why he was my kind of man! He is the reason I am Attila the Hun, the Pun Hun, etc. I discovered him first on the Dr. Demento show on radio and then it was a long term love affair after that.

One of my FAVORITE Al songs.

His songs always made light of pop culture and anything popular. It was fun to have a hero that could see the irony and the hypocrisy in the social world. He played the ACCORDIAN for goodness sakes- the most UNsexy instrument of all time. He is not some fly by night celebrity either. He has been wildly successful He has had number 1 albums, he broke the top 100 videos on MTV, he has starred in films, he has done live television, he has done voice work for lots of animation, he had done web media, directing, writing and so much more! He is a GENIUS in my book and so so so very likable.

I finally got to see him live in my area and DAMN if a freak storm did not blow in and steal the second half of the show. I was SO PISSED at Mother Nature. I hope to get a second chance eventually – you know when the pandemic slows down (which I guess means never). Second to seeing Prince on stage, seeing Al on stage was a very special memory. If you are tired of the same o same o on Netflix and Hulu look up his stuff and you can thank me later.

Perfect song for COVID!

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4 thoughts on “WEIRD AL YANKOVIC

  1. Didn’t you see WA when visiting us? Or did you just end up with a tshirt? I have seen him 4 times. He actually came to Rutland and I made Mike go. Now he is a WA fan too! Truly an artist, like Prince, but so different and unique.


  2. I have not seen Al with you, Desna but I am FOR it! =) I don’t have a T shirt either but I’m glad you love me enough to insert me into memories! I do that with Jo all the time – oooh another idea for a blog post!


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