My Boyfriend Is A PIG!

I am happily married to my human man who loves me just the way I am but I have a boyfriend. He is an adorable pig named Elton. One of my BFFs has a 180 acre farm and when she bought two pet pigs I immediately fell for Elton. He has the cutest upturned nose and a great little grunt. He has spots, wattles (piri piri) . . .I know I know it is weird to love a pig but I do.

I tell everyone he is my boyfriend and I get strange looks but I should be used to that by now. Elton is a Kunekune which is a small breed of domestic pig from New Zealand. He is very hairy and very rotund in build. Kunekune literally means “fat and round” in Maori-language! These pigs are very friendly and docile. When I visit the farm he will come up to me for scratches just like a cat. I adore him.

He was a tiny piglet last year and now he is bigger than his counterpart -Patti.

Did you know that pigs are smarter than any other domestic animal? They can solve problems and can be trained better than dogs and cats! You can learn all about these amazing animals through PBS – Joy of Pigs :

No, I’m not with PETA, no I am not a vegetarian – I LOVE bacon, sausage, ham and pork chops. However, I think I can appreciate animals whether I eat them or not. To me pet pigs are different than meat pigs. I think both should be treated with respect. When my Papaw butchered his hogs for food he always was thankful and respectful and humane. I don’t expect to change anyone’s mind – that is just the way I am.

When Patti finally gets preggers there will be baby pigs to be adopted. I can’t wait to see them! I am so glad I have no acreage because I would SO adopt one. As it is I’m a one cat woman right now. One day though, if I get some land I will have one of these pigs – maybe even Elton’s great grandchildren!

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