I Am Too Old For This Shit

Do you remember that movie from 1987 “Lethal Weapon”? The one line I quote over and over is “I’m too old for this shit”. I know 53 is not THAT old but there are certainly things I no longer enjoy doing because it is just difficult to do anymore for various reasons.

Since both kids had “spring break” at two different times, I thought it would be fun for them to do day trips and activities with friends and family off and on instead of doing a weeklong vacation. I had a lot of fun taking them two by two to zoos, museums and the like. I got a brilliant idea and decided to take my youngest on a backyard camping trip since her plans to camp with a friend was derailed by bad weather.

My friend has a farm with tons of acreage, animals and a perfect space to pitch a tent:

Yay for a cement floor and a nice roof!

To make us more comfortable I borrowed two cots from my brother, brought an extension cord, a fan and all our electronic devices as well as fold out chairs. It was luxurious compared to the camping I did as a kid. It should be great fun, right?

We ordered pizza and had our own guard dogs, even!

The weather was perfect – 87 high and lows in the 40s were predicted. I have an 8 person tent and a 2 person tent. We set up the 8 person tent and had PLENTY of room to stand up and move around. I enjoyed visiting with my BFF while the kiddo enjoyed lounging inside the tent free from pesky insects.

My kid really does not have that face – I distorted it for her privacy LOL

I had a very nice COVID safe visit outside with my friend, we wore our masks to use the bathrooms before we went to bed, I cozied up on top of the sleeping bag and covered up with a sheet because MENOPAUSE. At 10pm we said our goodnights, Angus slept next to me right outside the tent. He guarded us all night. Such a Good Boi!

THEN. . .around 3am a rooster thought he should crow his little gizzards out as loud as he could. I think he was confused. I mean don’t they usually crow at sunrise? It scared the living poop out of me. Summer woke up long enough to say, “OMG are you kidding me?” I had to laugh. He then repeated like an alarm clock on snooze at 3:15, 3:30, 4:00 and so on.

I had already been awakened by Angus who barked sometime in the night as he chased away who-knows-what? I tried not to think about what was lurking out there. The crickets and babbling creek sounds were music to my ears but Summer said they kept her awake too. LOL When the sun came up all THREE roosters joined in chorus to welcome the morning. The chickens came out of their coop and clucked, the goats screamed mahhhhhhhhhhh to be fed, the dogs were growling and barking as they wrestled. . .bleary eyed we dragged ourselves to the house for the morning emptying of the bladder and sluggishly broke down camp.

Thank GOODNESS for my BFF’s sweet husband. He helped me pack everything into the car. I stunk like wet dog, mud and sweat. I wanted a shower so much! We did drive through for early lunch and then got home and unpacked. The shower felt GLORIOUS! Even though we enjoyed it, I realized that I AM INDEED TOO OLD FOR THIS SHIT. Even Summer said she’d rather do a day trip next time. If I ever camp again, it will be in an RV or a cabin. Life is too short to sleep on a cot, get cold and woken up every 15 minutes.

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