I Have Bendii Syndrome

I am a Trekkie – I also am a Star Wars Nerd. I have been going through menopause AND depression from watching my beloved Daddy die from lung cancer. So I have been a hot mess. Throw COVID-10 quarantine/pandemic and 4 years of Trump and you get me – a hot hot mess.

My husband and I were watching an episode of Star Trek Next Generation called “Sarek” – Season 3 Episode 23. Set in the 24th century we discover that Spock’s father who is an extremely highly regarded ambassador is suffering from Bendii (pronounced Ben-Dye) Syndrome. Vulcans repress their emotions because they are so powerful and remain logical at all cost. But this degenerative disease was causing Sarek to have bursts of emotion and irrational behavior.

After watching this critically praised episode, I said to my husband, “That’s it. I’m telling everyone I have Bendii Syndrome from now on. It sounds much better than menopause and it has the same symptoms. I often have irrational thoughts and bouts of irritation. Bendii Syndrome sounds so much more serious than menopause”. He laughed and probably thought nothing of it.


When I announced to JoAnne that I had Bendii she of course totally understood and went along with me. It is so amazing to have a best friend that does not blink when I say dumb shit — LOL. I love her so much. So if you are going through menopause, just give it another name if no one is respecting the hell you are going through. Hang in there – they say it supposedly will pass although when you are in the throes of it, it does not feel like it.

The catastrophic results of emotional transference (and how I feel inside my brain).


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