Feeling ALMOST Normal

This pandemic has really put an emotional toil on all of us. We keep saying we can’t wait for things to get back to “normal” but I’m not sure if it ever will. Instead, I think there will be a safer new normal if that makes any sense. JoAnne is visiting and we went to a restaurant I just discovered in downtown Raleigh and I have to say it was the most normal I felt in over a year.

Dining out is a communal experience. Breaking bread with people you love is a deep emotional bonding. When we eat together our “animal brains” feel safe and happy. Our bodies are flooded with positive hormones and emotions. It really boosts my mood. I did not realize how much I had been missing that.

Once in awhile our good friends in Holly Springs and we will dine outside at our local eatery Mi Cancun https://www.micancunmx.com/location/mi-cancun-holly-springs/ and I always feel happier afterward. We are all being careful during the pandemic so we take care not to eat after each other and wear masks until our food arrives.

Last night Jo, our wonderful men and I dined at THE STATION At Person Street http://stationraleigh.com I had discovered the restaurant while out and about with my oldest teenager and her friend. I was so impressed that I suggested we do a double date there. While they were much busier in the evening the food was equally impressive the second time around.

I had a terrible nightmare the night before, I had woken up a day before that sobbing about my father and I have been generally feeling awful. Sitting around that table though, looking at my handsome husband, my beautiful friend and her handsome man put such a warm feeling in my heart. I found myself reaching over to touch my husband’s hand and smiling more than I had in a long time. I joked with the hostess, the waitress and looked at a cute little boy sitting with his mama. I felt SO normal – so full of hope that things were going to get BETTER.

I’m tired of saying that this situation is unprecedented and surreal – even though it absolutely is. I am concerned people are going to make stupid decisions and make things worse before it gets better. But for now, this tiny glimpse into normalcy filled me with happiness. I hope it lasts.

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