He Makes It So

Friends come in all different manners. You have your BFF (or two or three if you are lucky like JoAnne). You have work friends, acquaintances, drinking friends, running friends, mommy group friends, old friends, new friends, etc. They all have special places in your heart and/or life and we value them all because we know they help us be our best selves.

I have a friend that is my BFF’s man. Many times when your BFF has a boyfriend you may not necessarily like him. I have not liked many of her boyfriends. They were not necessarily bad people, but I didn’t think they were good enough nor did they treat her as she deserved.

After a long dry spell, I said to her, “Put yourself out there! You are beautiful, intelligent and worthy. You can’t just hang out at home and expect to meet anyone. Do you think a great guy is just going to fall in your lap?” Well, hell if he didn’t. Never put something out in the universe if you don’t want it to respond. LOL

Okay, so they are not exactly like the couple from Disney’s UP. . .

She met this man through a friend who thought they would be good together. She saw neither were happy in their situations and since she knew both of them she thought she should invite them over for cards and dinner and voila nature took over and they have been dating for TEN years. So, yeah, he literally fell in her lap. Sigh.

Being her best friend I was of course skeptical at first. Who IS this man and what is he like? I judged him under the finest filters and magnifying glasses. He was definitely not perfect but in my book that is very very good. Perfect people make me nervous. I always feel like they are hiding some dark mystery. No one is truly perfect after all.

He loves his grown sons very much. They are polar opposites but he manages to love them just the way they are without comparing them. He stays out of their affairs but makes sure they know he is there for them. Admirable.

Although he had a strained relationship with his mother, he was respectful and kind to her until her dying day. Again, very admirable. I can’t say I did the same. Different circumstances, different people so different outcome. Not better or worse – just different. But I admired how he handled himself.

Over the years, my kids have begun to call him “uncle” and he adores them and is attentive and appropriate with them in every way. My youngest especially looks up to him and thinks he is the bees knees. She loves being around him and still acts like she is 5 and wants to be picked up and tossed around in the pool. She is now 5’3″ and over 100 lbs so she has got to learn that period of time is over. LOL

Vector illustration of Cartoon boy jumping to the water

My husband likes him too which is definitely impressive as he likes very few people. He seems to be very comfortable around him and thinks he is good for Jo as well. My husband is close friends with my BFF so he is protective of her as well.

His friendship with me has been very special to me. His hugs are warm, his voice is soothing and his professional massages are very healing. I’ve always liked him but after the death of my father, I realize that his aura is similar to Daddy’s and that he is filling a void somewhat. He has the same patient, kind, soft mannerisms as my father and I very much need that in my life at the moment.

Friends come and go and they enter your life in various ways. I feel very lucky that he came into mine. He makes it so.

Jean Luc Picard of the USS Enterprise – Star Trek Next Generation – duh!

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