Pandemic Hair Cuts

Throughout the COVID pandemic we have been dealing with how to safely go back to places that we frequent. When do you go back to the doctor, dentist, hair salon, etc. We are such an overindulged society that when we can’t have our creature comforts some people in our culture are befuddled and sometimes downright angry.

I personally shop less frequently in person. I take advantage of Target’s FANTASTIC curb side shopping service which is FREE! I only go to the grocery store once every two weeks and the second trip is just for fresh produce. Earlier during the pandemic I tried going back to Great Clips and none of the customers were wearing masks. My poor hairdresser was using an N95 and a face shield because so many of the customers were being willy nilly with the CDC rules. I decided that it was not worth the risk. I cut my own hair and yes it is not attractive. LOL

My husband has shorter hair so he needs trims more frequently. He couldn’t take it anymore and went to a barber but also decided it was not worth the risk. So he bought a Wahl home cutting kit and I have been cutting his hair ever since. I do a pretty good job but I am not a professional. So his style varies from one cut to the next. I really need to watch a video right before I cut. I thought I remembered how to do it and recently he has been sporting a cut that is not flattering – poor guy. Luckily we stay home mostly and his hair grows out fast.

Oh Ghads the music in this video. . . but it was helpful nevertheless

It was easier to cut my daughters’ manes because their hair is mostly straight and long. It’s hard to mess up a straight cut. They are so lovely, they look good with any length so I’m lucky in that way. They are bored so they have both asked for dye jobs and I have been happy to comply. $5 for a box of hair dye and they are happy so why not? I can’t believe people charge $70+ to dye hair in a salon.

I have seen a lot of videos on Youtube that warn against home cuts but I’ve seen some really helpful how to videos as well. You just want to use common sense and not cut anything drastically short. As we say in our household – it’s just hair, it will grow back. It is the one thing each of us can control and manipulate and that is a kind of therapy.

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2 thoughts on “Pandemic Hair Cuts

  1. Omg the pictures are hilarious LOL precovid I had tried many times to convince my husband to let me buzz his head.. How hard can it be?? He refused every time then after 6 months of pandemic he came to me begging for me to buzz it off.. I felt some satisfaction there LOL turned out pretty good! 🙂

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  2. I did not have heart to post HIS photos but the ones I found on the Internet served the purpose LOL. He actually would love a buzz cut but I refuse. He has beautiful hair and he would look stupid with a buzz – he does not have the head shape for it. LOL Thank you so much for reading and responding – you rock!


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