My Guy

My guy and his cat, Sir Robert the Bruce.

I’ve mentioned my guy here and there, but I haven’t really talked about just him.

We met 10 years ago – I was 46. So for anyone out there is moaning about getting too old, never gonna find a great guy, STFU.

My boss’s best friend was, at the time, taking bellydance classes. She had a costume that needed some alterations. My boss is a bit of a know it all (HA!) and she was always trying to come up with a question he couldn’t answer, and she really thought she had a good one when she asked him who could alter her costume. Of course, he immediately volunteered my services. And since I did it while I was at work, I didn’t care, I was getting paid.

Turns out, she was a lot of fun, and she convinced me I should try bellydancing, too. I did, and I love it, and I hope to find a new outlet for it soon, as Covid gets better. She also decided that it was insane that I was single, and she was gonna find a guy for me. I’ve heard that many times before, so I just smiled and nodded.

So she invites me to supper with her favorite massage therapist, who was sort of dating some space cadet, and she decided I was a better fit. She said they were just friends, and it was fine.

When I met him, my first thought was “I’d do him.” He was in great shape, nice mustache and beard, and he laughed at all of my stupid jokes. I got a bit drunk, because I’m not good at talking with people I don’t know, and yet he still laughed at my drunken stupid jokes.

And he offered me a free massage.

It was very nice, very professional.

And then he offered me another free massage. But he almost blew it, because his facebook profile said he was in a relationship. So I didn’t take him up on the second massage, until again Anne took charge, and made me.

After that massage, which was less professional but by no means unethical, we went on what I consider our first date. We went to the local Chinese restaurant, and really started talking. I suspected things might be good when he confessed that he had a Star Trek uniform (his last name is the same as a Star Trek captain.) And I confessed that I also had a Star Trek uniform, based on my favorite character (who also happened to have a thing for that Star Trek Captain.)

Anyway, we’ll have been together 10 years this June. He has asked me to marry him, and he understands why I have no interest in that, but we are both committed to our relationship and I consider him my significant other, spouse, husband.

Well this post turned out to be more about how we met than about him, but whatever. It’s my blog. (Well, mine and Bridgette’s.)

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