Landscaping Part II

Happy Friday everyone! I spend three hours in perfect weather outside yesterday prepping my planted areas for the arrival of pea gravel and river stones. They should be here Monday morning. I thought I would share my project with you.

My good friend Aga who is a phenomenal amateur landscaper was kind enough to help me with my mulching (which was part I even though I failed to title it that). Yesterday she came and helped me pull weed, dig, smooth out the soil and put weed-blocker fabric down. I have a compressed disc in my neck and no cartilage left in my right knee so she did all the hard stuff around the back of bushes. I could not have done it without her.

I plan to “employ” kids of neighbors and friends Monday afternoon to shovel and move my loose rocks. I will share photos during that adventure. I love working outdoors but after lunch I was so sore I had to take 2 ALEVE and sit in my massage chair for hours. I went to bed early and I’m not as sore today but I am creaking in all my joints. I shall take today off to heal.

Look at that smile – she is so freaking awesome!

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