Music is also medicine. Because of the pandemic the one thing I miss the most is live music. I am one of the luckier ones in that I am surrounded by singers and musicians. While other people have to pay to be entertained I got a weekly does FOR FREE for years. Then, BOOM – it was all gone. I’m sure the performers are suffering more than I am.

In the past year and a half I have seen only one live performance and that was with my friends’ band REELING IN THE YEARS (RITY) They played outdoors and it was so nice to hear them sing and play again. Today, I got to see two very talented saxophonists play at the Holly Springs Farmer’s Market with The Overtones. They happen to be my friends. One of my besties and I met up on a gloriously beautiful Saturday to walk around the market and then enjoy some free live music.

It WAS SO GOOD FOR MY SOUL. I listen to music every day on my phone but there is something other worldly about hearing it play live. Try it and you will see what I am talking about. You can SEE the energy of the musicians, you can FEEL the music as it plays across the air and bounces off your chest and ears, you can HEAR sounds that you may not pick up on recordings. It does not matter what the genre is – pick your favorite or try something new. It is an experience everyone should have.

My very first live concert was Def Leppard on their Hysteria tour. Watching their one armed drummer beat the hell out of his drum set while it freaking ROTATED was a sight to behold. My taste in music grew and fluctuate but I am happy to say I’ve seen Prince (my ultimate favorite), America, The Turtles, Styx, Moon Hooch, Heart, Journey, The Four Tops (only 3 really – one was sick that day), Fleetwood Mac, The Wailers (Bob Marley had passed), Carlos Santana, The Spinning Tops, The Beach Boys, etc. I have an eclectic taste in music. But in general I like most music.

It was a cool morning and I bought some chutney, kettle corn, chocolate covered nuts, shrimp salad, tea leaves, blueberry mead, a turtle brownie, spicy mustard, the best banana pudding I have ever eaten and even homemade lipgloss from a 12 year old entrepreneur! Your local Farmer’s Market is a wealth of healthy alternatives and a wonderful way to spend a few hours with your family or friends. Support small local businesses while you are at it! Hope you get to go to one soon!

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2 thoughts on “MUSIC IS MAGIC

  1. Sounds like it was a perfect Sunday! I agree, music has and continues to save me during pandemic. I was a big music listener before but now more than ever it helps curb my down mood or gets me distracted!

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