Landscaping Part III

Stones were delivered today! I bought Tennessee river rock small pebbles, a variety of bigger river rocks/stones and gorgeous natural edging stones in complementing colors from Soil Toppers in Fuquay Varina, NC. I rounded up some young kids to help me haul the rocks so I do not injure myself. My 4 helpers aged 11, 12, 14 & 15 – three young ladies and one gentleman – were amazing!

I decided while the rocks were more expensive they would be less likely to attract as many insects, especially termites. Since they take forever to break down I should only have to spend money on them ONCE. I certainly hope we don’t move after making this investment. I have joked to my husband that if we DO move, the rocks are coming with me. LOL Don’t you hate it when you add something to your home and then you move and have to start again? Ugh. This is our 4th house but I don’t know if it is our last.

That is A LOT of rocks! =)

I realized that my body is not as strong as it used to be so weeding is difficult. Hence, I put weed blocker down and the rocks should help keep sunlight away from most of the pesky weeds. Some of the stronger ones will still try to grow and I’m sure I will have to weed a little but it will be easier to keep up with.

Here are some photos of the work that was done thanks to four young backs!

This is one of 4 areas that needed to be done. I thought they did great for just 2 hours!
Remember when you could bend like that?

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