My Kitchen Is Too Small

We all make the best decisions we can with the information we are given and trying to think ahead is never easy. When we downsized and moved into a ranch style home in a nice neighborhood so our kids would have access to a great school and have friends to play with, I did not consider that maybe we were downsizing a little bit too soon.

The number of years the kids would be home did not seem too many so we bought a 3 bedroom 2 bath home and have been really wishing we had another half bath. Beyond that, our kitchen is small. I had a HUGE kitchen in the last house and it was too much kitchen. Here, there are no counter spaces. The toaster and the rice pot have space on the counter as we use them the most often. Everything else is put away until needed. I hate the over the stove microwave but there is no other space that can be used.

Lately my family has gotten into the habit of putting dirty dishes on the counters instead of the sink or the dishwasher. I have asked them face to face, via text, email and even sticky note signs asking them to please not put the dirty dishes next to the fruit bowls (I just think it is gross). No one seems to care. On a daily basis, I am always putting away everyone’s dirty dishes and glasses. I’m not sure whey they can’t take another 2 seconds to open the dishwasher and put it in there. I wanted to put up a sign that says your Mother does not work here but she indeed does! LOL I’m not one of those passive aggressive types – I promise I have been very straightforward.

Passive Aggressive but humorous part of the who puts away dirty dishes dilemma:

I guess I could always take this advice:

I know my problem is not a new problem and it has existed for as long as people have been sharing space. Some of us like a clean environment and others think it is perfectly acceptable to only clean when absolutely necessary. I know it’s too late to change my husband’s ways but I am hoping to impact my daughters so they do not become THAT roommate – you know the one that keeps piling dirty dishes into the sink instead of washing a single spoon? One of my roommates tried that so I bought paper plates and plastic utensils and used them instead. She asked me why I did not buy her any. Sigh.

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