Oscars 2021 – Hot Weird Mess

My husband is puzzled at my love of watching award shows. I used to watch them all. I loved seeing all the glamorous people dressed in their crazy couture outfits and see if I spotted my favorites among them. As I got older I started to recognize people less and less especially in the music award shows so now I usually just watch the Grammy’s and Oscars. I know we are in a pandemic but DAYUM Oscars were a hot mess.

Where do I begin? It was such a SLEEPY show. Who decided it was a great idea to do the shaky cameras and all those weird angles? Did you ask film students and graphic design students to do the whole show? I swear it looked like a high school attempt. It was so distracting. I did not know where to look , the presenters had no clue, the recipients didn’t either. So WEIRD!


I of course was pulling for Minari although I knew they would not win. Parasite was a movie EVERYONE could enjoy but Minari was really a character development film meant for immigrants – in my opinion it was an “I see you” movie for us. But I am not a critic so WTF do I know right? LOL

I was waiting for our new bed to be delivered so I missed Regina King’s opening but thanks to the magic of Youtube I got to watch it this morning. My goodness she is gorgeous! That butterfly gown was amazing and then she got right down to the gritty reality talking about all the elephants in the room. BRAVO! I think she hit the nail on the head as a mom. There were several mentions throughout the night about the chaos that is in our country. The awards shows are often a place where celebrities use their fame to talk about what is dear to them so that was not a surprise.

However, there is usually some humor to offset and balance out the night but last night had the most lack of comedy I have ever witnessed at an Academy Awards show. UGH. Just because you do not have a host does not mean you can’t joke. Thank goodness for Minari’s best supporting actress Yuh Jung Youn. If my mom was better spoken that would have been her speech. The only difference would have been my mom asking Brad Pitt if they can do shots backstage. Thanks to Daniel Kaluuya (oh and his dreammmmmy accent – yum) for paying back his parents for all those embarrassing times in his teens. Did he ACTUALLY talk about his parents having sex on live TV – YES HE DID and I nearly peed myself laughing at his mama’s reaction. By the way, why not hire Lil Rel Howery to be host next year? He was funny! Last but not least Glenn Close knowing ALL ABOUT Da Butt song AND dancing? She is DA BEST!

Where was the MUSIC? The reason I still watch the Grammys and Oscars is that they usually have great performances but the Oscars was sorely lacking in 2021. In the past, music has added a lot of emotion to a rather cut and dry show. I thought for sure with H.E.R. and Leslie Odom Jr. in attendance we would get some great music but nope. . .that happened at the pre show that I did not watch.

In memoriam is always a hard portion of any awards show. We are saying goodbye to well known and unknown people who made contributions to a particular art. People are ALWAYS left out for whatever reason and that is never a good moment. This year, the Oscars did such a fast paced In Memoriam I could not even keep up with it. I thought that was disrespectful. Either don’t do it or do it right but it was so weird.

Yay for the second woman to ever win a Best Director Award. Yay for the first Korean actress to win an Oscar. Yay for Mia Neal and Jamika Wilson to be the first black women to win the Oscar for best makeup and hairstyling. I can not wait for a time when we won’t have to talk about FIRSTs anymore because it will all be “normal” and everyone will get a fair shake and acknowledgment for their best work.

I will end my post by talking about the awkward ending of the Oscars last night. Why was Best Picture announced before best actor and actress? That has never happened at least according to my recollections. I, like everyone else, was sure Chadwick Boseman would win so maybe the Academy was trying to be dramatic? Well, that backfired. Anthony Hopkins won and he was not even there. I mean there were worse moments in Academy history but that one was for the record books. Do they not know that adage about assuming? They used to quip Oscars so White but now I want to say Oscars so Weird!

Remember when the weirdest thing was how Nicole Kidman clapped at the Oscars? LOL

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