I Pretend Garden

Yeah, you read that right. The older I get the less ego I have. I know that what I am doing on my back deck is not true gardening and I’m okay with that. I just want to see things grow and IF I happen to get a harvest out of it then it is a win win for me. I want a stand up raised bed garden and have been trying to dupe my BIL into building me one. If he gives me a hard no then I plan to make them myself. Won’t that be a fun blog post? LOL

So I have decided I am too old to weed and garden the old fashion way and I am too cheap to buy the stand up raised bed gardens so I gathered all my empty flower pots and seeds from I don’t know when ago and waited for the last (hopefully) frost to pass. We have had a little rain off and on and plenty of sunshine but we had some cold nights too, so the appearance of sprouts have been spotty.

Of COURSE the best growing thing is the oat grass for the cat LOL

My realtor had sent a pack of wildflower seeds in a newsletter so I thought, what the heck – I’ll plant them! They are sprouting okay. They need more sun so I will probably move them to the front of the house when they are stronger. In the rectangular pots have Korean Perilla but I don’t know if they will grow as I harvested the seeds myself from plants from a year or two ago. They are not looking promising. The Japanese melon seems pretty happy though! I harvested those seeds from the fruit one of my besties gave me last year. I sent her some seeds and kept half and I will transplant them when they are bigger. The last rectangular pot contain seeds from the baby sweet peppers I bought at a grocery store. I again harvested and dried the seeds. The hanging baskets have heirloom cherry tomato seeds from the grocery store. As you can see I did not invest much in my “garden”.

I did buy a concord grape vine from Aldi and it will live in the pot until I can figure out where to put it in the backyard. Someone gave me a poppy seed planter so I planted those and then some more melons. The only bought seeds are the “salsa” mix peppers. I am only growing those because I want more of JoAnne’s pepper jelly. I just realized I did not plant any Korean green onions. I will have to remedy that. They are easy to grow so I’m not worried about that.

I do not claim to be a gardening expert of any kind although I do a better job with outdoor gardening than indoor stuff. I used to imagine having a backyard vegetable garden but my genetics but a big crimp in my plans. I have a bad knee that is at zero cartilage, arthritis and a painful damaged disc in my neck that keeps me from being a more active gardener.

No matter what kind of garden you have, I hope you are growing something. It is very satisfying to see something grow from seed or a sprout. Even more satisfying is eating the fruit of your labor – it’s a very primal satisfaction.

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3 thoughts on “I Pretend Garden

  1. I love this! Where I live in South Africa we are in our sixth year of drought and so growing anything has to be done in pots. They use less water and are easier to move around according to the conditions required. I especially enjoyed your description of “seeds from I don’t know when ago” for it is my intention – as soon as we get some rain – to pour out all the seeds I have stored into a container, mix them out and scatter them onto the (hopefully damp) ground, then see what comes up – if anything does!

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