Is My First Book Finished?

Last night I think I finished my first memoir. I’m not positive. It felt like a good place to stop. I know I still need to proofread and edit but for the most part, I think I’m done with the first book. I plan to have two people I trust to read it and give me their honest feedback. Once I have that I will go to work on the final draft and then publish on Amazon.

This has been a bucket list item, a dream, a hope then a goal of mine for as long as I can remember. Deciding to break my memoir into 3 shorter works was a turning point for me. I really felt I needed to separate the three main stories of my life. Other is almost complete, Mother is half way done and I have an outline for Father. I don’t know how many people will be interested in reading about my journey but I’m going to put it out there anyway.

Since May has Mother’s Day, it would be fun to publish in that month but I have no idea how long the process takes. Wish me luck. I will of course post on here when it is ready for purchase. You do not have to buy it – if you read our blog enough, you will probably get my entire story eventually. LOL

What is on your bucket list? What is stopping you from completing your goal?

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4 thoughts on “Is My First Book Finished?

  1. Fear and time! Those seem to be two of the most recurring reasons.. If I’m not scared then I have no time, if I have time then I’m scared lol but that’s awesome you finished the first part! Must feel so good and great knowing you can actually do it and get there!

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    1. Ok cheerleader, where have you been all my life? 🥰You are correct. Fear of failure and time. Turns out this is the most perfect time for me to publish anyway. Both my parents have passed away so I don’t have to worry about what they might feel and there’s a lot of attention being paid to immigrants and Asians in particular so I think this is the perfect time to tell my story.

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  2. Why do you taunt me so? Congrats on finishing your book. Are you going to use your Pseudonym “Chicago”? Ok well now that I’m finished with my Master’s Degree, I have more time to write. I’m actually looking at signing up for a writing course to see if that can help me with my funk. I know when I did the publishing on Amazon it wasn’t too bad, Just have to decide on a cover and how your chapters are laid out. If you have no internal illustrations it goes a lot smoother.

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