Why Are Fridays So Fun?

Everybody seems to agree that Fridays are special. Some think it is the best day of the week. You wake up and it all just seems DIFFERENT on a Friday, somehow. Everyone is a bit more chipper, you are already planning the weekend and nothing seems quite as bad on a Friday. Why is that?

Maybe it is tied to the traditional work week of Monday – Friday. Friday means the END of a long week of heads down research, sales or grading homework. You finally get time for yourSELF which is always a good thing. Maybe it is time to garden or do that DIY you have watched on Youtube many times over. If you are into health, maybe now you can finally have a chance to run those 10 miles (yuk).

Depending on your age, Friday night may mean you get to stay up later since you do not have to get up at a certain time on most Saturdays. You can have a drink or twelve since you don’t have to be at your best in the morning. You can finally relax, watch a movie and eat a whole bowl of your favorite snack. Friday seems like a mini vacation – at least Friday night.


When I did work in offices, I remember Fridays were always Jean Day or Casual Friday or some nonsense. Some places made you PAY for this “privilege” and used it as an excuse to raise funds for a charity. I did not care for that practice. Ask me for a donation but don’t sell me a basic right to guilt me into it. (yuk)


I remember when I worked a part time job as a teenager Friday meant it was PAYDAY! Oh how I looked forward to cashing that measly check so I could put most of it away for college and spend the rest on gasoline and a Hardee’s burger while we were cruising on Friday nights in my itty bitty country town. I am still not sure what the appeal was to drive your car up and down the roads at night. I did it for a short time and then felt it was a stupid waste of time and money and quit. Yeah, yeah, I’m no fun. I’ve heard that all my life. LOL

How I felt every Friday as a teenager. LOL

Every Friday morning, both my school aged kids wake up happier and tell me, “Happy Friday Mom!” For them it means the school week is almost done and video games after 3pm. It means pizza and a movie for supper. It means they get to go to bed later and wake up later. It is very special to them. However you are spending your Friday – enjoy it!

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