Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month

Take a little time out to celebrate Asia: China, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, the Philippines, Cambodia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and Samoa; and in South Asia, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Bhutan. Don’t stop there. Whether they are included be definition or not, celebrate ALL Asians from anywhere including Hawaii, Guam or other Pacific islands. Get to know us through any means you can and immerse yourself in the vast culture that is Asian.

Education is the best way to fight hate ALWAYS. Get to know people that are different from you. Yes, it is murky water on how to approach anyone different from you. No, you should not ask a person in a wheelchair what happened. Be patient. People will offer up what they want to share as they feel comfortable with you. So get to know someone for who they are and the other details will follow.

NEVER ask an Asian/Asian descendent “Where are you from?” They have been asked this many times with the follow up question often being, “No, where are you REALLY from?”. Also do not ask “What are you?”. You would think by 2021 everyone knows how to be polite but alas, it is not true. Talk to them about the same thing you talk about with anyone else – kids, where did you go to school, share if you lost a parent recently – anything that will connect you. Then, in natural conversation you will learn about where they are from, where they grew up, etc. Don’t interrogate – just open yourself up for conversation.

I have to remind even those closest to me to not pry and push. Sometimes your eagerness is meant well but it comes off as clumsy and can offend especially during these very politically charged and scary times. If you do not know anyone of Asian descent, then check out some movies, books, articles, cookbooks created by Asians. Not all Asians only focus on Asian culture and that is something else you can learn about us.

I am open for questions about South Korea so feel free to ask via this blog! I may even write new posts based on your questions! Thanks for reading.

Here are some great places to visit where you can learn more!

You knew I would be mentioning Maangchi LOL

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