My guy and I are on vacation.

One of the better putt putt courses we’ve been to.

I haven’t written much for the last couple of weeks, and I’m sorry about that. But I have been working my butt off trying to get everything caught up and ahead because I knew I was going to be gone for a week. I have been stocking up mom’s freezer with easy to prepare meals, working in the yard getting stuff ready for spring, and killing myself at work making sure everything was caught up from my boss.

Sometimes I wonder if it’s worth it. I know I’m going to kill myself before vacation getting things ready, and then I’m gonna have to kill myself afterwards to get things caught back up.

But right now, at 9 AM, as I lie in bed with no demands, no plans, just vague ideas of going to the pool, sitting in the hot tub, taking an hour long whirlpool bath, and eating lots of good food, well yeah, it’s worth it.

Yes, a hot dog. I don’t eat seafood.

I hope when I get back home I can get back into the groove of writing regularly. I enjoy it more than I ever thought I would, and I miss it when I don’t get to.

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One thought on “My guy and I are on vacation.

  1. When you are a caretaker, you have to take CARE of everything before you can even rest and it sucks. Regardless we NEED rest and I hope you will try to forget last week and next week and be in the moment and enjoy your time with your handsome man and recharge. Sending you love!


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