I guess I needed some more relaxation time. I loved being with my husband at the beach with BFF #1 -JoAnne and her man, but I wanted some more. Greedy, aren’t I? As it turned out my sister was going on her first post vaccination vacation with her boyfriend so I volunteered to catsit/housesit. Her house is only 30 minutes away so VOILA! Instant staycation for me!

After a nice Mother’s Day (thank you Fam!) I checked on the three kitties. They were hesitant at first but my charm (and lots of snacks) won them over. I have one cat myself so it was fun trying to hang out with three fur balls. Max and I are already friends so he was chill. Squirrel and Littles or Double Trouble were harder to convince but by night’s end they were in my lap.

The next day I went back home to set the family up with lunches and other meals. My BFF #2- Bonnie was to join me for a couple of days. She works remotely and wanted to get away from Thomasville so she brought her laptop. Around 7pm she pulled up and we headed to Taco Bell for a very late supper and had our first adventure. I don’t know the area and we had a really hard time figuring out their parking lot configuration. There was a decent line in the drive through but we were not in a hurry. FORTY FIVE MINUTES later (not an exaggeration) we got our food but the person in front of us was not given her food or her credit card. They were a hot mess. But like everything we do together, it was funny so we laughed it off.

We had a couple of shots of tequila and talked and talked. I really needed that. We talked about nothing, we talked about everything, we laughed at dumb shit. It was just me and her and no distractions. I could be totally myself and she could too. We are both caretakers so it was nice not having to worry about anyone else being hungry, sleepy or needing anything. It’s not a true vacation until you don’t have to take care of anyone.

I think Bonnie and I just take turns LOL

Today she will work but we have conversations as she moves from room to room. At home she is stuck in one room so she is enjoying moving around. She has ADD so she gets antsy. I’m of course writing. First I will post this blog and then I will work on my book. She gave me some really helpful feedback so I plan to add on and hopefully be ready to publish in another month. I’m getting excited about it. Even if it fails it will be an accomplishment so I’m ready for anything.

Bonnie is getting off work at 2pm so we might play guitar and sing, we might watch more bad tv. Last night we watched a terrible Indonesian scary movie about a possessed doll/people. We both like a good scare but we also do not might panning bad horror flicks. Whatever we do, I know it will be judgment free and easy going. I’m not good at being easy going but she forces me as she NEVER has a schedule or agenda. Yet she is mad successful in her career so props to her for that. I am always needing control and have yet to “grow up” or find a second career after teaching.

I see a lot of tequila in my future soon. Hope you are all having a relaxing day! Don’t forget to text/email/call your BFFs and tell them you love them!

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