Gas Shortage?

All of you are aware now of the many ways the pandemic has inconvenienced a ton of people. Slowly, we are all getting vaccinated – I got my #2 yesterday WOOT! People are starting to travel. I read about the shortage of CDL drivers in April and thought, wow that is going to be a problem. THEN a bunch of morons engaged in cyber attack on the US fuel pipeline and wreaked havoc on the east coast. Yikes!

What does this mean to ME? (Because let’s face it, if it impacts us personally we are more interested, right? LOL). I’m house/cat sitting and I have 1/4 tank of gas. I was going back and forth from my house to my sister’s but now I’m going to sit tight because there is a real chance my sister may not have enough gas to get home. Yes, the ONE time they took a trip, they may be stuck at the coast. My husband has 1/2 tank of gas so he will hole up at home with our 2 daughters and save the gas for emergencies. We all have PLENTY to eat and we are not low on toilet paper so I think we will “survive”.

This is not a true gas shortage – there is plenty of gas – it is just a hiccup in distribution. There are lines at every gas station I passed. I hope only people who are on empty are getting gas. I stopped at my local Sheetz to see if I could get some gas and they only had FlexFuel and Diesel left. People were already honking and shaking their fists at each other and it made me nervous.

I plan to hunker down and hang out with the three cats and get creative with whatever my sister has around the house for food. I have plenty of tequila so I am going to be A-OK. Stay classy, stay home – don’t go get gas if you have a 1/2 tank or more and stay away from people who are easily triggered. It is not Armageddon or the Zombie Apocalypse so we should be fine.

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