Feelings, Nothing More Than Feelings. . .

Who remembers that song? Who didn’t join in the Whoa Whoa Whoa chorus part? Oh my god I hate feelings – my emotions not the song. Everyone has them and everyone has to deal with them but when you are drowning in them they suck.

Remember when you were a teen and that angst you felt for that person you cared about? You wanted the person to know but you didn’t have the guts to confess or worse, you felt you really should confess and that brought on some more FEELINGS. Eghad. I remember saying I could not wait until I grew up so I would not feel that way again.

Well, imagine my shock when I found out grown up feelings suck way worse than teen feelings!

  • There was the I’m in college, I’m lost and I don’t feel smart enough feelings.
  • I’m not as pretty as the other girls feelings.
  • I don’t have any friends feelings.
  • I’ve graduated now what feelings.
  • I’m in an unfamiliar town with my first job and I have no clue what I am doing feelings.
  • The first long relationship is this THE ONE feelings.
  • The heartbreak when it’s over and feeling foolish wasting all those “good years” with a dumb partner feelings.
  • The is this the right career for me as students tell you their dads pay your salary feelings.
  • Did I do the right thing by quitting feelings of doubt.
  • Do I get married or not? Have kids or not? So many confusing and scary feelings popped up during that time of my life.
  • Finally ready to have kids but your body will not cooperate so now you have inadequacy feelings.
  • The babies finally come and you have fearful feelings you will somehow hurt them because you don’t know anything about parenting.
  • They turn out okay so you have feelings of regret for not going back to a career.
  • The kids are teenagers and now there is nothing but constant fear they are going to go through same angst as you did and even worse. It is a helpless feeling of worry.


Now the song sounds totally different to me. The whoa whoa whoa chorus is less about the longing for a love and more of a “I yield! I can’t feel any more feelings, please stop the feelings!” LOL

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Loyal. Funny. Sensitive. Loving. Creative. Survivor.

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