I got my Vaccine!!

No, not THAT vaccine.

My shingles vaccine!

I really, really, really do not want to get shingles again.

Since it’s been a month since I got my second dose of that other vaccine, I was ready to tackle this one.

I’ll probably feel crappy this weekend, but it will totally be worth it.

Please consider getting your shingles vaccine – shingles was painful, annoying, miserable, ugly – all things to be avoided.

I actually took more knock out all the pain type drugs with shingles than I did with my kidney stone. This was much worse – and sleeping was just not happening.

I had shingles in December – so 5 months later, my skin is still mottled looking from all the puss filled blisters, and scabs. And it is still numb. And I know it could be much worse – many people have actual nerve pain instead of just numbness.

A friend of mine had a very odd case of shingles, when he was 4. He said he still had numb spots well into adulthood. We’re talking 20+ years of weird numbness.

Just get the vaccine.

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One thought on “I got my Vaccine!!

  1. I have never had shingles but know a lot of people that have and not a single soul says it was “nothing”. So, I got my vaccine at the same time as my flu vaccine. I lost sleep for two nights because I could not sleep on either side but knowing I’m not getting shingles made me happy. I am now on my way to be fully vaccinated for COVID and I know it will be a yearly vaccine like the Flu shot but I will be in line for it every year because I like being protected. JoAnne I hope your numbness will eventually go away. I’m so sorry you had to endure that. xoxoxox


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