Cat-sitting My FurNephew and Nieces

I see your babysitting and raise you cat-sitting. I am betting I had more fun and less work! =) My sister and her love FINALLY took a very much needed break from working the front lines of the COVID pandemic. Since they were gone for a week I volunteered to stay with the cats. Never mind that it meant I would get some time away from my busy household. I was being altruistic, I promise! LOL

My sister has three sweet kitties. Max is the male and the alpha cat. He has beautiful markings and he is a sweetheart. It took a while to gain his trust but he will generally come to me when called especially if I am holding a treat. The twin girls are a bit more skittish. I never can figure out which is which even though one has gained weight. Littles and Squirrel are more guarded with their love but I am pleased to say during this week both allowed me to pet them and even graced my lap!

I had a good time taking photos of them and they were in the modeling mood so I’m going to share too many with you. As a proud aunt I could not help myself.

One of the girls (Squittles as they are called jointly – pronounced as Skittles ) tried to get my attention while I was in the water closet.
Not to be outdone, Max followed suit. When I touched his toe beans he ran away shocked. LOL
I felt very lucky when one of the twins graced me with her presence next to my pillow!
Meal time was communal and very appreciated!

And then I played portrait photographer and caught them in their best poses!

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