Spring is for gardens

I love springtime. Everything is coming to life, the trees are full of soft green buds, birds are chirping, the weather is slowly getting warmer -Spring truly is the best time of year.

Tomatoes, zucchini, and squash.

And it also means it’s time to plant my garden. Yay! I love sticking little baby plants or seeds in the ground, doing a lot of nothing, and then picking the fruits (or vegetables) of my labor. It is so fulfilling! (And much easier than kids. Sorry, B.)

A couple of cherry tomatoes for mom.

Last year, because of Covid, we decided to cancel our annual Halloween party, and we had a handful of firepit gatherings instead. We enjoyed them so much, we want to continue them this year.

So I decided I wanted to move my raised bed gardens, because one was falling apart, and one was in the way of the best spot for our firepit gatherings.

And my sweet guy, who never questions or complains, ripped out the old beds, moved one and built a new one, and helped me haul a shit ton of dirt to fill them up. (And when I say helped, I mean he did it.)

Sugar snap peas, cucumbers, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, and an artichoke. Oh, and green beans.

So now I have 2 new raised beds, full of lovely new dirt! I love this stuff, it really feeds my soul to stick my hands in the dirt and feel how fluffy and soft it is, and to talk to each of my plants as I put them into their new home. My guy always asks why I don’t wear gloves, but really, that would just defeat the purpose.

I’ll be honest, I didn’t want to go outside and do anything. I was really tired, probably from that shingles vaccine. But my guy convinced me that it needed to be done, and I knew he was right. And once I got my hands in the dirt, it was all good.

Every year, I pick something new to grow. Sometimes, it becomes something I want to grow forever! Sometimes, it sucks. (I’m looking at you, cucumelons.)

All the peppers for pepper jelly. Plus pimientos!

This year, it was going to be lima beans. Nothing too mind blowing, but I have a 3 bean salad recipe that calls for fresh lima beans, and I thought this would be the easiest way to get some. I was placing an order for some other plants, and added in a package of lima bean seeds.

Well, I went to the farmer’s market last Saturday, to buy some tomato plants. I also found peppers, and herbs, and lettuce. When I went to pay, I had filled up over half of a 32 plant flat. And then the lady said if I bought a whole flat, there was a discount…

Just a few of my too many plants.

So I bought more plants. Woohoo, more plants, and a discount! Could things get any better?

I ended up with extras of all my regular items, plus newbies – brussels sprouts (which my sister grows all the time), cabbage (which is very popular to grow in my area, so why not), and an artichoke plant (because Mom loves artichokes.)

And I discovered those 2 little cabbage plants actually had 6-7 in each pot. And when I looked them up for square foot gardening, I can only put one per square foot. So I just used up over 2/3 of one garden with nothing but cabbage. I barely had room for all the regular stuff I bought. And I’m not sure if I have room for the lima beans, or really any seeds. I will have to get creative with some containers.

Honestly, it’s a good problem to have.

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4 thoughts on “Spring is for gardens

  1. I enjoy helping you with your gardening and everything tastes better when it comes from our gardens! It is also a very grounding experience!!


  2. Too much cabbage? I am seeing kimchi and sauerkraut in your future (and mine!) Therapy comes in many ways and gardening is one of the best. You have such a chill attitude about everything. I must continue to learn from you.

    Liked by 1 person

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