I love to travel

Obviously, Covid has put a crimp in that. But I was having problems even before Covid – We had to cancel a trip to Bermuda because of a hurricane (even though hurricanes hardly ever go that far north), and a beach trip because of sickness. Then Covid hit, and we ended up canceling a trip to Vermont to visit my sister, a GS trip to NYC, and our annual beach week. We managed to go to the beach last fall, but we didn’t feel comfortable having anyone join us, and we didn’t eat out much, just got food to go.

I love to plan trips, and we thought that Covid might present an opportunity for us, to go to Harry Potter World at Universal at a time when it wasn’t too crowded. I booked a long weekend in January. But January came, and I didn’t feel comfortable with it, so I rescheduled it for February. And when February came, I accepted that Florida was pretty much doing nothing to slow the spread of Covid, and I decided now was not the time to go. So I canceled that trip, and I also canceled my rescheduled Vermont trip, because Vermont was requiring 2 weeks quarantine to visit there. Instead I booked one for Washington DC in June.

My guy and I have both been vaccinated, and are feeling pretty good about the idea of traveling. We were able to take our beach vacation this spring, and Bridgette and her guy joined us for a few days. We ate at our favorite restaurants, and mostly felt okay with it.

So now, it’s almost June. The thought ran through my mind, that I think we are actually going to be able to take this trip to Washington DC. It’s been so long that a trip really happened that the idea kinda took me by surprise. Other than booking flights and a hotel, I have planned absolutely nothing for this trip. Why bother, if it’s just going to get canceled?

I’ve been to DC enough times that I feel pretty comfortable with winging it. My guy has actually never been, except once for a conference where he never really left the hotel area. So I’m really looking forward to showing off this fun vibrant city to him.

It’s 2 weeks away…

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