Beautiful Flowers

Mom likes to plant flowers, and I like to plant vegetables. Since she’s not as mobile as she used to be, I plant my veggies, and forget about flowers. I’m trying to do better this year, because mom really enjoys having flowers around.

When we bought this house, one of the things Mom loved about it was the iris bed. It had so many beautiful irises.

When Mom planted the raspberries behind the house, it would have never occurred to any of us that they would spread and grow so much, that they completely choked out the iris bed. And for years, we ignored it, because Mom loved all the raspberries, and she was busy, and I was busy, etc…

Every once in a while, an iris would break through, and it would make us remember how lovely they are. I tried digging a few up and moving them, but they really didn’t like the new location as much as the old.

Last summer, I mentioned it to my guy, and he offered to get rid of the raspberries in that area. Since I already have enough raspberry juice to make several hundred jars of jelly, getting rid of a few of them sounded like a good idea. I ordered a few more plants to add to whatever few were still left under the raspberries.

So he pulled and dug out all the raspberries, and I went through and dug up all the irises, and pulled any weeds. I researched it, and split the bulbs. And after adding in the few I bought, I discovered I had a quite a few. I planted them all back in the bed, and also planted creeping thyme as a ground cover, so maybe there wouldn’t be as many weeds. And we dug in a divider under ground, to keep the raspberries from creeping back in.

Well, it’s spring and the irises are all coming up!!! The creeping thyme was a dud though, so I bought more of it and just finished planting it – hopefully this batch will do better.

Anyway, I’ve already started picking irises to bring in to Mom, and there are a lot more blooms to keep her in flowers for a while. I’m so excited that it worked!

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