More flowers

Our rhododendrons are nuts!!

Even more exciting is the mountain laurel. Technically, it’s doesn’t have any beautiful flowers. But it’s covered in happy new leaves, which means it’s happy where we planted it.

So, in NC it is illegal to dig up a Mt Laurel. I’ve tried for a long time to get one, because the flowers are just delightful. I bought one from a fancy pants nursery, and it promptly died. I discovered fancy pants does not mean “we care.” No warranty with that plant.

My guy lives in a house that has some flooding issues in the back yard. His landlord decided to send in some heavy equipment and dig out new trenches and put in drainage ditches.

Well, they were planning to dig out an area of woods, which happened to have two Mt Laurels growing there. So my guy dug them up and moved them to our house, before they could be bulldozed at his place.

I’m so excited to have them, and to see them doing well!!

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One thought on “More flowers

  1. Tony called Mountain Laurel “ivy”. Love them too. We have some and they are blooming now. Saw wonderful ones on our hike to Hooker falls yesterday.

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