My Daughter’s DOZENth Birthday!

Yup – today my youngest turns TWELVE. How is it that time flies so fast when you have kiddos? Instead of a birthday cake, she asked for Dunkin’ Donuts so I got her a dozen and decorated the box like this:

It occurred to me that it was quite coincidental that she wanted a DOZEN doughnuts on her TWELFTH birthday so I thought I would be funny. Yeah, I think I’m a comedian. LOL

Being 12 is always a weird time for most people. You are somewhere between. . .well, EVERYTHING! Would you choose to be 12 again? Not me. It’s a tricky age for many and for my youngest daughter it is rife with emotions. The pandemic did not help any.

When you turn 12 most of your childhood is behind you and you are on the brink of officially being a teenager. My girl has been a teenager in attitude since she was 10 so that is nothing new for her. She physically became a woman when she was 11, she has acne, she has breasts and hair in places she does not want, she feels deeper and she strongly strives for independence ready or not.

She is so sassy!

Something I wish she would realize right now is that mistakes are learning experiences. When she was younger, of course I made things less risky. Now, she is allowed to make more mistakes but she is really hard on herself and I look forward to the day she feels a bit more comfortable in her skin.

She will have to learn money is easy to spend but harder to make. She is learning that life should be a good balance of work rest and play. I can’t wait until she realizes she does not need to be a clown to get attention. I know she knows she does not need to be perfect but I do wish she would figure out that she is absolutely amazing. I’m trying to drum into her head that teenagers can be polite too. There is so much to learn and she’s just at the tip of the iceberg.

I am happy to know that she has the IQ and the academic sharpness to navigate through school pretty easily. That’s a hard one for a lot of people. Once she learns how to use time wisely and stay on schedule while struggling with her ADHD she will be a force to be reckoned with in whatever career she chooses. I hope she has a good day today and even though it’s a school day, may she have fun on her DOZENth birthday!

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