Alone Time Is So Near!

Now that many restrictions are being lifted people are so excited about many things: returning to theaters, eating inside of restaurants WITH FRIENDS, shopping without masks, hugging the grandparents, traveling etc. I’m not excited about any of that. Do you know what I am most looking forward to? Alone time. Yup, this introvert is looking forward to her husband returning to the office and her kids going back to school in person.

Don’t be a hater. Everyone has their thang. I am at my best when I can have some solitude. I am more loving and more patient if I can just be alone – ALL ALONE. I realized that is one of the things I am sorely lacking. When I was working full time or part time, I would steal away or set up activities for the three of them away from the house so I could breathe. When I stayed home with the kids when they were younger I realized I looked forward to their dance classes so I could have a moment alone.

Totwawy Awone!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE my family and would go to the ends of the earth for them. However, mental health is so important. For me, this pandemic meant 24/7 with ALL THREE of my very creative but oh so different children – erhm I mean husband and children. There was nowhere for me to go for months. Even if I went to my bedroom, they would find me. I have to recharge and heal in order to give them what they need from me.

My husband got his letter from his company asking him to return mid June. I almost squealed in delight. No worries – I held it in. But I did skip back to the kitchen and air high fived no one. I know he would rather work from home so I am hoping he will at least return 3 days a week and work 2 at home. I could handle that.

My soon to be sophomore will be returning to school late July. Her school is a modified year round so she is off a few weeks for summer and then off she goes. She will be fully vaccinated soon so I am happy as a clam to see her go.

The soon to be 7th grader goes to a traditional calendar school so I have to wait until August for her to be in the building but that’s okay. . .little by little they will be out of the house which means I can finally do a major spring cleaning. My brain can have silence again. Ahhhhhh. . .I don’t need Calgon to take me away – I just need a little alone time.

So sexist. . .can causes yeast infections too!

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