Tweens Hang Out!

My kiddo turned 12 last week so she had 4 of her friends drop by and hang out in the driveway last night. Usually people will talk about how their boys eat them out of house and home but I was really impressed to see how much 5 11-12 year old girls could put away. None of them are fat.

I bought 30 chick fil A nuggets, 4 large fries, 2 lbs of grapes, 36 mini variety bags of chips, there was an entire cantaloupe cut up, a dozen bottles of water, 40 juice pouches and 12 cupcakes. Oh, and yeah, I made them 2 rounds of shaved ice on top of all that. From 6pm-10pm all of that was nearly gone. I LOVED it. LOL They had not seen each other in months and they chatted, recorded TikTok videos, played some sort of Night at the Museum game? and then when night fell they played Mario Kart that was projected onto a screen.

Good times.

These 5 girls have known each other for most of their school years. The 6th was absent because her grandmother was having a 70th birthday. She was sorely missed. They are all good students and very accepting of others and their different personalities and beliefs. Among the 6 is an atheist, 2 catholics, 2 methodist and one unknown that does not go to church. All of them love girl power, swimming, video games and candy.

My kid is the most emotional one. She is the one that cries when she’s sad, angry, hungry, hurt or if the wind blows. She has deep empathy and has stood up for all of them at one time or another. They all love her just the way she is. They know about her ADHD and is helpful. One girl is the athlete – she plays softball, basketball, soccer and is very active. She is the one I call the social director. When it was not getting dark fast enough, she had them all doing something fun to past the time. Another girl is the “mom” of the group. She is very rules conscious and genuinely worries about them. I was that girl in my group. She is mature beyond her years and a baby sister was just born into her family so I am sure the little one will be very protected by her mature 11 years senior sister. =) There is the shy one. She hardly speaks unless she is alone with my child. They are BFFs even though they are opposites in personality. They are like JoAnne and I but miniature. LOL It was good to see she was not too uncomfortable with all the noise and chatter. I think she even had fun. The last girl tugs at my heart always. She had some childhood trauma like me but she has so much love in her heart. She is thoughtful and imaginative and very happy. She is very family-centric and she is kind to animals. She and my daughter probably fight the most because they are too alike. When they were much younger, we used to call them the Terrible Twins when both were in foul moods. When they are in great moods they are lovely together. When the whole group is together, they are a force to be reckoned with.

I love how supportive they are of each others’ differences. Sure, there are spats but most of the time they GET each other and let everyone be who they are. Did I mention they are barely 12? Can you imagine if the rest of the world were more like them? We would all be happier and healthier. I just know that this group of young women are going to do great things. I hope they change there world for the better.

After the last two years of uncertainty and the pandemic as well as the schools being shut down for so long, they were craving social interaction. So I came up with the driveway hang out idea. They were outside with fans on, after 6pm just doing what girls do. I teased them and said, “No boys!” and got all sorts of funny retorts. One of them said they didn’t even know any boys and I told them, “Just watch, in a few minutes you will see plenty of them walking, biking and riding skateboards. Word will spread quickly there are 5 pretty girls in my driveway hanging out.

When I checked on them a couple of hours later, they were all cracking up and talking over each other as they were eager to tell me how right I was. Sure enough, the boys popped wheelies on bikes and did tricks on their skateboards as they whizzed by hoping to get their attention. How did I know this was going to happen? Ahhhh – innocence. Glad most of them still have it. It’s kind of fun being 53 and “knowing things” they have not discovered yet.

They are all really nice girls and I feel lucky my kiddo has surrounded herself with such outstanding female friends. I hope they stay friends for a long time and I wish every one of them tremendous happiness and success in the future. I know the chances of them staying friends in this big group is probably slim – but I can dream. Listening to them laugh as fireflies danced in the grass was music to my ears.

I’m old though so at 10pm I told them all to go home. LOL I’m too old for this shit and I need my sleep.

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