Back to traveling …

Travel is always an adventure. You never know what curve balls you might have to catch.

We are going to DC. It’s about a 7 hour drive.

Michael is an aggressive driver. I’m a laid back driver. So too much time in the car always drives the passenger crazy. I’ve declared that if any trip is longer than 6 hours , we’re gonna fly.

Plus I love to fly, and I haven’t been on a plane in about two and a half years, which is ridiculous.

So, we had flights booked to Baltimore, because that’s where Southwest flies to, and plans to take the train to downtown DC. No big deal.

And then they changed our flights, so it was later. But there was still time to land, get our luggage, and catch the last train to DC.

But on our drive to the airport, I got notification that the flight was delayed over an hour. So now we are going to be at the airport far too early, twiddling our thumbs. And once we land, we’ll be too late for the train. So it’ll cost $100+ for an Uber. And we’ll get to the hotel around 10:30 pm.

Well, shit.

So, after checking out various options, we have canceled our flights, and are now driving to DC. We should get there around 9:00. We’ll have to pay for parking, but it’s really not going to cost much more than the Uber, and the parking at the airport.

So, we are still breaking our travel drought. Just not the way I had hoped.

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