Behind The Wheel

OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG. . .my 15 year old is taking the behind the wheel Driver’s Ed portion for her license. IS THIS HAPPENING? I try really hard to be that calm, cool, collected mom but I have to tell you that this one was giving me some worries. She’s an anxious kid and we live in a city and and and. . .taking a breath. Okay.

Our county uses a professional driving school to teach the kids how to drive. It was farmed out to them when they realized they could not afford the time or the money to have a teacher do it. So now, the school pays for some of it and the parents pay for the other half and it is a great marriage of resources I think.

Because of the pandemic my kiddo took the classwork at home in December. They were really backed up under the circumstances so she got to that part late. But there were kids older than her that had not gotten that far so we counted ourselves lucky. They told us she might be able to take the behind the wheel in April if things went great and May if not. Here we are in early June so we count ourselves lucky to get in at all.

Yesterday, we had a huge rainstorm. I was worried about that. I mean, I’m 53 and I still get antsy driving in the rain. On our way to her school we saw three wrecks and were able to use them as teachable moments. We saw people blowing horns and driving too fast for conditions. When we got to the school she learned she would be mostly driving in the school parking lot. THIS mama was relieved.

Her driving instructor is SO nice! He is like a big teddy bear and laughs easily. He really put her in a relaxed mood and she told me she did fine. He said she did GREAT! She had a “moment” but gathered herself. Huzzah – that is the best I could ever ask for. So she drives this morning and tomorrow morning and that will complete the driving portion. Then she gets her restricted learning permit and it will be up to us to give her practice. I see a lot of wine in my future! LOL

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