I usually plan like crazy before we travel.

But until yesterday, I had a hard time convincing myself that we were actually going to get to go on this trip.

So I planned the bare minimum, flights and hotel.

A week or so ago I checked to make sure we could come without quarantine or negative test, since we are vaccinated. And I booked a parking lot at the airport. All of this stuff could be easily canceled.

I’ve been to DC plenty of times, there’s SO much to do here, and so many restaurants- it’s gonna be great.

Ah, but – covid.

DC is much further behind on the reopening stuff. Which makes sense, it’s a city, and it’s largely democratic, so they have probably been much more cautious than NC. I respect that. In fact, I wish NC had been a little slower. But…

I didn’t even think about places being closed. Or minimizing how many people come in. Or requiring timed tickets.

The Air and Space museum is closed until next week. The newer addition to it is open, but all tickets have been claimed for the rest of the month. This was our first choice. Others are closed or fully booked as well.

So we ended up at the National Gallery of Art, and later the Museum of the American Indian. We had fun. We walked a lot. There was a little too much religious art, and we realized that if we had gone to the other side of the museum it would have been closer to our interests. But we didn’t have time to finish because our time at the American Indian museum was due.

The American Indian museum is intense. It is very educational, with lots of information to read. Our time slot was at 3:00, and it closes at 4:00. There was no way to do it justice.

Tomorrow, we got some slots at the zoo. I know the NC zoo is much better, but it’s slim pickings up here.

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One thought on “I usually plan like crazy before we travel.

  1. Leave it to Fate to pick THIS time to say, hey maybe planning is not bad LOL I am so glad you are making the trip an enjoyable one regardless. You can always go back. I love vacationing in DC. I’m a chronic over planner and one day I said screw it and that was the ONE trip we needed everything – someone got sick, someone needed extra underwear etc. So now I do me and overplay and nothing bad happens anymore. LOL

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