I Am A Cliche

. . .and I think I liked it. You’ve seen it in RomComs and other movies – the writer in a coffee shop getting inspired and working feverishly while sipping coffee they paid too much for. Well, that was ME yesterday! There were even trains passing by that I could see and hear through the window. What? That was so much fun!

My daughter was scheduled to be in Driver’s Education behind the wheel for a couple of hours. What was there for me to do? It is a 30-40 minute drive from home to school so it felt stupid going back home. I got on my Yelp app and searched for nearby coffee shops. Side note- I can’t drink coffee. I have PVC and it makes my heart race. So, why a coffee shop? I love the vibe. Ever since college and the BeanStalk I have loved hanging out in coffee shops. Besides, this one was 10 minutes away and had food and hot cocoa to boot. SCORE!

As soon as I walked in, I had DejaVu – it looked so much like another coffee shop I had frequented in the past. It was downtown (which is a stretch because it was really a strip of places RIGHT next to a railroad). STILL, someone was brilliant upgrading these old building into more attractive ones. It got me to drive 10 minutes to a place I would never have gone!

The staff was welcoming and not fake like “Welcome to Moe’s”, the place smelled gloriously of good coffee, the breakfast sandwich was yummy – bacon with apple – the hot chocolate was velvety and drinking temperature poured into a locally hand thrown pottery mug! My inner hippy was dancing with a tambourine! I did have to climb some steep stairs to the sitting room upstairs and my knee complained but it was worth it.

I had an enjoyable chat with a young lady that drives 30 minutes to frequent this fine establishment. She said I got lucky with a table because it was always crowded on Fridays and Saturdays. I plan to return there today so I hope I score again.

So yeah, I’m cliche – but I wrote a lot on my upcoming book. I was kind of stuck on what to do so I decided to write one longer book but have three PARTS (not chapters) Other, Mother and Father. I wrote a good introduction section. So now I have to come up with a cool title for the entire thing. I am sure I will be inspired when I go back to the coffee shop. Cocoa. . .mmmmmm


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