Spontaneous Affection

My two daughters are polar opposites. They have a few things in common. They are both Girl Scouts, they are artistic, they have high IQs, they like music and they love animals. After that there are more differences than commonalities. Hence, they often bicker and sometimes downright verbally fight. I’ve also seen them taking swipes at each other. They are like two cats really.

Stop coming into my room!

The other day I noticed the elder daughter approached the younger and said, “How would you like some spontaneous affection?” I nearly got whiplash as I spun my head around to make sure I heard that right. I don’t know if that was her therapist’s idea or her own, but the younger daughter eagerly accepted the awkward hug and then they burst into giggles as they tried to figure out whose gangly arms are going where. I have to admit that made my heart super happy.

Yesterday, I heard the younger one ask the same question. Usually she will barrel into your arms and knock you over when she is ready to give you some love. This time she gently approached her sister. Of course it was met with a resounding, “NO!” and her face crumbled but she did not cry or shout a retort. A few minutes later, The elder said, “Okay, I’m ready now.” and they hugged again. (gasp!)


I am afraid to mention this aloud, lest the sibling gods frown upon me but are these two FINALLY figuring each other out enough to ask for and give affection? (insert heavenly choir music). I will observe and see how often this new habit occurs. I know what you are thinking – don’t overthink it. But have you read anything else I’ve written? I am THE overthinker. LOL

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2 thoughts on “Spontaneous Affection

  1. My sister and i often fight a lot but mostly verbally, and i am greatful to have read this piece ,and i need to start this new technique and show some love and see if she would accept it ,because even yesterday night we were fighting 🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

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  2. It’s all a ruse! Me and My sisters did this so my mother would stop paying attention assuming we were getting along, and then burst into an immediate fight.

    Of course that’s not really an issue now, as we all get along really well and we’re not picking on each other, but we were raised that family comes first, so even if you want to kill your sister you don’t because mommy will hit you first 😂


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