Does your significant other talk in his/her/their sleep? Mine does. In fact, he SHOUTS in his sleep. That is right. I sleep with a man that sometimes screams aloud. It scares the ever living poop out of me. He does it infrequently enough that I am lulled into sleep thinking it will be a quiet night and then BAM! it happens again. Here is one of the funniest incidents of sleep yelling.

My husband has Bipolar 2, ADHD and something that causes his legs to jerk (we do not know if it is restless leg syndrome or something else). He has on occasion punched me on my shoulder, back and side (in his sleep only – don’t judge). He has elbowed me in my ear and smacked me on my face. Luckily I incurred no injuries other than light bruising and a near heart attack as he scared me awake. On occasion he has sleep walked and I have heard him having full conversations in his sleep. He snored like a chainsaw until he was diagnosed with sleep apnea and now the CPAP machine makes rather soothing sounds unless he knocks it off kilter in his sleep. Don’t ask me how I sleep LOL.


One night we lovingly said goodnight, gave each other a kiss and rolled over on our sides to seek that slumber we all love at the end of the day. All was well and we both were in slumberland when suddenly I am awakened to my husband full on yelling, “CLARA!”. That’s it. Nothing else. My husband, the love of my life, yelled at the top of his lungs deep in sleep another woman’s name. What is the first thing most wives think? Of course I wondered who this Clara was. However, he fell right back to sleep so I decided to wait until he woke up. I was not going to go back to sleep so I got up and did stuff to pass the time.

As he often does when he does not sleep well he will be groggy and tired the next morning. This was no different. I have to be careful how I approach subjects with him as his responses can wildly differ depending on what BP2 cycle he is on. On this morning I felt pretty safe. As we were brushing our teeth, I casually said, “So, who is Clara?”. He looked baffled as he questioned why I was inquiring. When I told him what happened he looked terrified. “I don’t know any Claras – I have no idea why I would do that. Did I sound scared? Did I say anything else?”. Fun time is over. I reassured him that I did not think anything awful and was only genuinely curious.

For three to four days he wracked his brain. I knew some of his exes’ names and Clara was not any of them. I was pretty sure he was not screaming for Clara Schumann, a German pianist and composer. I mean, she was a badass but I don’t think he was at one of her performances in his dream or anything. Was it Clara Barton the lady who founded the American Red Cross? Was she Clara Ponsot? She is a really attractive French actress but I am pretty sure he’s not a fan of French films. So yeah, I did wonder but not once did I think he was cheating on me. It was not that kind of a yell if you know what I mean. He sounded genuinely worried.

One morning he comes running to me shouting, “I remember! I remember who Clara is!” He seemed so excited to tell me. Out of my husband’s geeky mouth tumbled the words, “It’s Clara Oswald – the companion to Doctor Who!” She was in peril and apparently my husband needed to warn her. That’s right. My husband was not have a steamy sex dream about a Victoria Secret model or an old girlfriend. He was dreaming a scene in one of his favorite Sci Fi shows. I don’t think I have anything to worry about. LOL (She is cute though)

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One thought on “Clara!

  1. My ex often had nightmares and spoke or yelled in his sleep. Once he was screaming and tossing and turning. Often times I was able to speak calmly and settle him down. But one time I was lightly touching his arms and speaking but unbeknownst to me he was being attacked by a monster or giant spider.

    He flung me aside -and threw himself up and off the bed to the floor. Apparently he thought I was the monster.
    Now awake he found that he had broken his wrist. Usually all his many broken bones were from motorcycle racing, but this one made me wonder how he could explain it and still make it seem cool.

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